Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bunny Chasing

We went to Bangi Rabbit Park last weekend. It's a small setup my by my friend since she and her family loves rabbit so much. It started by homing a couple of rabbits and they multiply a few times after that (you know how rabbits expanding right hehe), and she said that the rabbits became a bit stressed because stuck in a small lawn. They need to jump and hop in bigger area, so they decided to rent a land for the rabbit to exercise. Wow..what an enthusiast right? I can't imagine I'm rajin to that extend.

Anyway they have about 50 over rabbits, but the day we went, only about 20++ were outside. The others will be released when they are ready. Rabbits are very fragile, they can't be exposed to extreme change like new environment, or new diet..it has to be slowly adapted. Else they can die in a blink just like that. No sick indicator or whatever.

We reached quite late, around 6.30PM because there was a heavy traffic on Sg Besi (but affected on the opposite highway as well) because the Kelantan-Terengganu football match. The Sg Besi punya jam is almost 10km ok..siap ada tv3 helicopter roaming around maybe to report on the jam. Most of the car parked on the highway, and there were police traffic tengah saman, DBKL, etc..such a chaotic situation.

Ok back to the rabbit park.

The entrance

Since it's just a first step (they want to let the rabbits jumping around) it's not properly done yet. There is no green grass yet, the rabbits happily running on the sand. It'll be upgraded little by little soon.

This is the first time Zahra Elena meet rabbits and her first reaction is.."tuuu tuuu tuuu aaa ddaaaa diii duuu aaa" bising giler mulut dia haha. I seriously don't understand what she's trying to tell with her pointing finger, but the moment the rabbit came near, she cries okk!! Such a drama queen. Nampak berani but takut sebenarnya. But after half an hour looking and pointing from distance, she braced herself and play with the rabbits.

First time she let the rabbit came near and didn't cry

Slowly warm up and give the rabbit sliced carrots

Dah OK sikit, siap squatting and pat him. We can even leave her alone with the rabbit. This one nama dia Maharaja2 kalau tak salah. The rabbits have their own name, but I can only remember/differentiate 3 only - Wan (the one with one ear, born like that), Maharaja2 (the one that is so fluffy with jambul at the head) and Poly (the one less fluffier than Maharaja and bvery cheeky, will hop and manja with you but the moment you want to stroke him, he will hop away).

The smaller (babies) in the cage. Ini pun Zahra sibuk nak suap carrot.

We stayed until Maghrib! I know not good, but time flies so fast. 1 hour is definitely not enough.

Then my friend showed me the other rabbits in the warehouse..she keep them there to train them to adapt the outside environment. And oh mann.. banyak ok rabbit dalam tu and soooooo cute! It varies in breed and shapes. Ada satu tu soo fluffy that the fur itself dah take the whole cage and they had to snip out the fur, cannnn? Geramnyaaaaa...

I forgot to tag the GPS coordinate but it's somewhere near to UKM. From traffic light in front of UKM, take the left turn, then straight until you find Shell on you right, turn right after the Shell (it's a small road) then about 200m, it's on your left. Tempat tu nama Sg Tangkas.

All the rabbits were injected with their antibiotic and stuff, so it should be safe for your kids, unless the child has an allergy to fur. Overall it's an enjoyable experience for Zahra, she get to pat the rabbits, feed them carrots (it was fun! so cute) and chase them. You can even carry them! The only drawback is, Bangi is quite far to me..it's about an hour from my place! Oh ya, the entrance fee is RM3 per entry if you are interested :D

Oh ya last pic, me feeding the rabbit, I hold the carrot high up and the rabbit gigih hold his front leg up, like kangaroo hehe


  1. aiii baru tahu pasal benda ni...thanks for sharing..next time kalo nk datang lagi bangi bagitau..boleh kita lepak2

  2. wah! zahra suke rabbit! mcm menarik je nie....

  3. saya dalam dilema

    tak tahu nak pilih

    siapa lagi comel

    between zahra and the bunnies