Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fiber to the Home

We are running on UNIFI now wooohoooo!

Well, not that I care that much, we barely have time in the house and I only use my phone to browse few blogs, so the office internet is good enough for me (not to mention they are the fastest in Malaysia hehe) but MrComot keep on merengek-rengek want to install the UNIFI instead of our doing-OK-streamyx now. It's really up to him but we have this habit to make sure both of us agree on what we going to have. I keep on saying.. "alaaa perlu ke UNIFI tu? Macam la you pakai sangat, kat ofis kan dah pakai" then he will say, "Perluuuu...I need speeeeeeeeeed". Haha over ok.

Then after a few months I finally give a yes to his request and excited betul pakcik tu. He's like jumping up and down with this thing. And to add the sweetness, we actually had to wait for 3 months because installation slot is fully booked until then, and suddenly one customer cancel his weekdays installation, sanggup ni terus half day! Installed on last Monday :D

Pulling the fiber from the telephone attached to the house.

Contractor van. Punya la excited, MrComot took this picture ok.

Fiber in the home yo!

The RG, modem and cordless phone. Free call to any landline number in Malaysia.

Value added service - IPTV. I haven't checked the whole thing yet, but they got this cute channel suitable for Zahra - Nickelodeon Jr! Supposed it won't buffer because actually it won't squeeze with your internet speed (it's in different VLAN, so no worries) but ada jugak buffer hari tu. Gonna check about it with the person in charge.

The contractor was from Shah Alam since Kota Damansara area is full. They are very good fella with neat work. They even vacuum all the dust came out from the drilling.

So, welcome home high speed broadband. Browsing gonna be snappier after this. The most important thing, it will make my hubby happy :D


  1. me otoh, has officially given up on UNIFI. it died on me when i was highly motivated browsing for recipes. isk isk. potong mood okk!!!

  2. tidak ada alasan untuk tidak selalu blogging :)

  3. kene tgu umah sendiri. umah sewa skg pki wimax. kelajuan die sgt menyedihkan =(

  4. Bee,
    Haha I knowwww....touch wood la for me. Hopefully it is ok. ANd me think u memang internal cabling la..keep on log complaint kalau rajin :P

    AMBOI! Cukup2 la tu :p

    Hehehe..trying my best here. Selalunya tak cukup masa (alasan je tu, ada masa tapi nak baring2 tengok TV :D)

    Mommy Fara,
    Tak laju sangat pun ok, janji adan internet. Haihhh dunia skrg tanpa internet, boleh mati kutu hehe