Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Current Stuff

I want to write lenghty entry but a lot of thing is going on now, not good one. Below is the random thing happening and thoughts I have in mind

MrComot is not well. His feet are painful espc whenever he walking as presurring the feet kan. It feels somewhat numb but painful at the corners area. Also his hand. Got few red spots. He went to see the doc today and doc said it could be measles or allergy to something. Praying for something mild like allergy, not measles as we are afraid it's going to affect the kids.

Zahra has a cold. And this give us shudders. She is in very critical stage recovering her Nephrotic Syndrome and we are monitoring her urine closely. Current dose is at 2 tabs. Doc already warned us she is not like normal kids, every single cold/fever/flu/cough/anything has to be treated without delays. Already gave her 2.5ml chlopeniremine twice a day for the cold. She looks fine but other kids at the babysitter also have cold. Hopefully all won't take long to get well :(

Zahra passes the cold to Emir. Now Emir keep on ada the hingus and can't sleep well. Sleep kejap about an hour..then tersedak-sedak with the phlegm. And then suddenly will cry sampai merah muka because he can't breathe well. What worry me is because he is too small, only 25 days. So no medicine for him yet. I just rub some virgin coconut oil at the ubun-ubun and off the fan. He also refused BF sambil baring, maybe rasa sangkut hidung. I have to carry him most of the time, but it's ok, as long as nothing serious.

I can't have my nap because afraid I will miss Emir punya tersedak-sedak. And I didn't get enough sleep last night because Emir can't sleep. Hopefully Zahra is ok tonight, no drama, and yg penting urine test come out good. Last night was negative for protein. Alhamdulillah.

It's been raining cats and dogs every evening this week and our roof back leaking. Sigh. I don't know where to find roofman lagi dah. Dah 4 orang repair but the leakage still there. Lama-lama boleh runtuh tau!

I'm so pumped out and fueled with craft thing these few days. I still buying lotsa craft stuff *sigh* and thinking of selling it back hahaha. Created paypal account last night, well not to sell stuff, but to buy stuff overseas! OMG...addicted betul beli barang craft, so mmg kena jual la. Anyway I create the account because I don't have credit card and debit card pun pinjam my sister punya, so I'll just transfer the money later to her. Previously all shopping either direct tx or pakai cc MrComot, but since takut kena marah asyik beli menda tapi tak buat apa, senyap2 create paypal hehehe. And last night when I was busy with my paypal he asked 'what do you buy? Jangan kena tipu tau..dah check ke belum? Is it from China? you know ada businessman report kat MCA kena tipu dia beli online barang frm China..bla bla'. Yeahh I read that news, thank you.

Haha he is nice like that. Takde la tak bagi I beli, just takut I kena conned. I was a bit malu jugak la when he said like that because normally I will ask him first, but nowadays I just buy without telling him. Especially since I'm at home, where I can expect the postman anytime :D

And main thing because I don't want to disturb him anymore. Sikit2 mintak tolong transfer duit from his maybank or cc. I know it's only a 5 mins thing, but to add the lauk on his plate? No lah..he's full to the brim already, dengan nak jaga totti, nak buat keja rumah. So tak payah pening2 kan kepala dia.

Not only craft stuff, I'm also stuffing myself with other online shopping, especially clothes. Maybe because I don't have time to browse at shops already, so online shopping is really gotten me. I just bought another 7 pieces of garment in a month! Hopefully all can fit me well after my confinement, kalau tak sia-sia je hehehe.

Also hooked up with pininterest.com!

Alamak, kenot type anymore, Emir dah nanges. Daaa!

Oh ya, wish us well. Espc the kids, cepat2 baik. Thanks! Mwaaahh!


  1. Alamak Aan, how you cope with all that?? kalau me dah sure pengsan!

    Dah la tengah confinement. larat tak??

    Takecare yeah, jangan jangkit pulak.

  2. Salam Aan. For Emir, try minyak yu yee cap limau...my baby since lahir guna ni, mmg berkesan. kalau takut panas sgt, u letak kat tgn u dulu then letak tgn u yg ada bekas2 minyak tuh kat dada and belakang dada baby. Just wondering, Emir pakai barut tak? Barut pun bagus utk kurang kan sejuk. Take care Aan. -H

  3. dear zahra and emir...
    please get well soon, all aunty's prayers are for both of you...

    cepat2 sembuh dari selesema ok zahra dan emir...

    hugs n kisses from aunty ain =)

  4. harap2 zahra and emir get well soon.. cian mummy..x cukup rehat..
    *pakai barut better then sapu minyak telon @ minyak kayu putih cap ayam. its work

  5. Zahra, Emir and En.Comot! Semoga lekas sembuh! Dan utk Aan, semoga lepas nie dpt rehat dgn tenang dan puas!

    Segalanya pasti akan baik! Insya-Allah!

  6. Ilot,
    Nak pengsan jugak..boleh cope, tapi rumah mmg semak habis. Itu pun sebab Zahra pegi babysitter, kalau tak me think me nanges huhuhu

    Thank you! Emir pakai barut and memang guna minyak yu yee. Tapi me tak letak kat belakang pulak..sapu kat perut je..nanti me try.

    Ain Alida,
    Thanks so much..they are getting better. Memang musim skrg ni kan..maybe sebab hujan panas everyday.

    Ain Nazri,
    Nasib baik dah 25 hari..kalau awal2 mmg me tak tahu nak imagine mcm mana *terimagine I break down :(*. Thank you, me will pakaikan barut all the time ;)

    Thanks! InsyaAllah cepat2 baik semua :D

  7. Syoknyeee shopping. Check out ASOS, hehehe.

    Take care Aan. Hope all ur babies get well soon n for Allah to give u all the strength u need to be a supermommy n superwifey!

    Take care