Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Postnatal Checkup

Emir and Mummy!

Today is my first outing in my confinement period, for postnatal checkup. Everything is normal, the womb is already shrunk and goes behind the pelvic bone, only through the scan can see still got some blood in it (darah nifas) but dah x keluar sangat, in fact I already mandi wajib yesterday. So doc prescribed cytotec 3x a day to flush the remaining blood out. Other than that I got obimin,obical, and fish oil as breastfeeding supplement. We also talked about family planning. Can't decide yet. Doc recommended the injection, it can last for 3 months but the withdrawal will take quite some times. Tengok lah macam mana nanti.

Oh ya, finally I get to urut with K.Ain today and felt so much better! She got an appointment somewhere nearby so she can come and urut me. She also said everything is ok only that my womb is a bit low, and that causing my back pain. I only need to urut with her one more time before I start working.

Both babies doing well. The cold gone, Alhamdulillah..only Emir ni pelik sikit, dia dah ada 3 wound..1 big bisul at his shoulder, then 2 nanah at the scalp. Gonna ask the doc when we see him for the 2nd jab, that will be in 2 weeks time. In the meantime hopefully nothing serious lah.

Ahhh it has been a month, another month dah kena masuk keja. I plan to take leave until end of the year but I haven't check my leave balance yet. Kalau susah sangat maybe ambil cuti tanpa gaji. My company don't have the 3months maternity leave policy :(

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  1. Salam,

    ada bisul? wah, badan Emir tgh flush out all the impurity (sp?) tu...

    K.Ain ni best meh? Nak try tapi from your story macam dia BZ jer...

    Me dulu ambik IUCD. OK jer!

    Me plan ambik 2 bulan bergaji then tambah 1 bulan tanpa gaji. At least bila hanto Adik kerumah baby sitter, dia dah kuat skit...

    Bila la kami nak serang your house. Hadiah Emir masih dalam drawer opis me ni.

  2. Tatty,
    Me dah urut 3 makcik kan..K.Ain la paling power. Tapi mmg urut org bersalin la..bukan spa2 tu hehe. Dia tolak tulang punggung sama, masuk balik. Dia mmg busy sket tapi area Shah Alam ok..me area jauh :(

    IUCD eh..nanti me baca2. Takut la nak insert2 ni :P

  3. Me and my wife been reading your blog since we decided to deliver at TMC with Dr. Fidak.Byk gak la info we gotten frm u punye blog. Funny thing is, the other day,my wife perasan u mase u guys did Emir postnatal checkup. My wife said, 'Eh tula the lady yg dalam blog tu' ...Im like 'eh yeke..tak la...same ke?'. Mcm tak caye lak.
    Check balik your blog ni, barulah confirm mmg koranglah haritu kan. That day kitorang datang awal but endup dpt buat checkup round 2.30pm. Oncall pulak dr.Fidak tu dat day kan.
    Fyi, my wife blum deliver lagi, insyaallah 25hb ni. Just praying for the best of health for both.

  4. Edwan,
    You were there? Omg, which one are u? Anyway yeah timing ngan dr fidak mmg mcm tu sikit. Or other doc pun sama i don't know la. If u appointment kul 10, kul 12 la jumpa.. But it depends..ada day dia on time. Kalau saturday lagi teruk tau, i pernah kena hehe. Anyway all the best to u and ur wifey. Hopefully dipermudahkan everything :)