Friday, November 25, 2011

Buttons Overload

Remember when I created paypal account to buy craft supplies? Well..the parcel is already here... and it's an overload!

Well, I know I ordered quite a sum..because that's the minimum buy *see see see fell for their trick* but I don't expect it's gonna be, too much? Hahaha. Now scratching my head what I'm going to do with it.

Actually I'm ok with the amount because..well, I like it so much. Even though I couldn't finish it. I like to have the stocks and simpan like forever haha. I know I'm weird like that.. But the moment MrComot saw this package, he exclaimed,

'Sayang nak buka kilang ke apa?'

Haha dia xdela marah, surprised kut, ok I know I went overboard *sigh*. And now I'm thinking of selling some of these. Only that, I'm too lazy to sort it out and snap pic and pack and sell.. and the hardest, to calculate how much each button cost me and how much should I sell. Susah okkkk.... haha. I'm not a businessman by nature.

But but..kena let go jugak kut..not to mention my felt and ribbon stock lagi. Sigh sigh sigh.

So watch out this space crafters. I'm gonna sell some.. only that I don't know when! Ok..maybe before end of this year, since I'm in 'holiday' kan. And before MrComot menyampah tengok my craft supplies. Haha. Seriously, I'm so takut nowwwwwww!!


  1. waaa sangat banyak ni sis.. whooowwww kagum !

  2. aan, me mcm nak beberapa jenis button yg mcm2 shape tuh.. me tunggu ur entry utk selling them :)

  3. subhanallah, banyak nyer butang :D

    suker tgk, banyak kaler :)

  4. Ain Nazri,
    Me pun kagum mula2, pastu mula la menyesal sket hehe

    I will! Thanks for comment, ok semangat nak buat entry jual :D

    Kannn mengucapppp panjang hehehe. Me suka tengok too! Tapi banyak sgt ish ish ish

  5. omg. i would kill to have that button collections. wanted to buy a bundle of all colors but i don't have a paypal account. the cheapest i can get is for 20-30 cents per tiny button. and that is not cheap at all when i need a lot.
    anyways, it's like window shopping browsing through your blog! :)