Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Routine Begins..

After a few months on pumping vacation (I stopped pumping around April 2011), now the routine begins. In fact this is a bit late compared during Zahra. I started to pump when she was 3 days old! Talking about semangat. And I managed to stock up a lot..like, A LOT! I was thinking that if I die, the milk can last Zahra for a year (my freezer freeze at -20, so macam deep freezer), that's how a lot. But most of them went to waste because she started to reject my EBM when she was about 13months.

So afraid sejarah mungkin berulang, I decided not to overdo it. I plan to just stock up a bit for emergencies and give Emir freshly pumped everyday. Kalau cukup. No no no. Can't say kalau cukup untuk breastfeed, MESTI CUKUP! I have to motivate myself, my body and brain that the milk is gonna be enough for daily supply. InsyaAllah..semuanya dengan izin Tuhan jugak..

Anyway talking about breastfeeding and pumping, honestly I feel a bit tired of it *sigh*. It is just a small feeling that linger in the air when I'm worn out. You know..something like this 'haishh...kena pam/susu again :('. Maybe it's part of the postpartum blues. Hopefully I can get it over soon. Breastmilk is the best and purest source to nourish them.. I'm keeping that in mind as my motivation and hopefully I can BF Emir at least for a year. Then we'll move to another a year *positive! positive!*

This morning session. So sleepy and have this strong urgency to go back to sleep after say bye-bye to MrComot and Zahra, but Emir is still sleeping, so I have to pump out, else susu kurang nanti, rugi.. Semangat! Come come to me!

And my sweetpea's latest pic! He is one smiley baby!

Ahh I forgot to write about Zahra and Emir punya progress. Later later..

Anyway, salam Muharram to everyone! What's ur resolution? Mesti Islamic punya sebab bulan Islam kan hehe. Mine as usual la, want to do more in ibadah, be a better person, a better wife, bla bla bla..same old story :( Must try harder to achieve it! And I was intrigued by one of my friend's status in FB, he says that Muharram means we have 9 months to Ramadhan! How fast time flies! Hope dipanjangkan umur for this Ramadhan, amin..


  1. Si Emir...kecik2 dah nmpk kekacakan die. Hiks~

  2. Dah tembam Emir.

    Kadang2 memang rasa malas nak pump jugak kanN?? tapi terpaksa la jugak kumpul semangat mengepam...

  3. Fara,
    Hehe harap2 besar pun maintain kacak :P

    A'ah kadang2 malassss sangat. Macam tak abes2 kan. Terpaksa kumpul semangat, bila jadi ibu mcm tu kut, automatic sanggup buat :)