Monday, November 21, 2011


Congratulations to my darling friend, Cik Kopi on her big day yesterday. She finally become a Mrs on 20.11.2011 at 11.20am!! I wonder how much she bribed the tok kadi to make it on time hahahaha. Anyway didn't get to witness such a wonderful event as Emir is only 1 month old, stay at home it is! I am scaredy cat like that. Sorry darling, but you know my prayers are always with you.

Anyway I am a bit sad today. It's medicine day, and have to struggle with Zahra as usual. But today slightly different, she gave this sad, soft cry and muka dia all the way sedih until tied at the car seat. I sit beside her and explain to her slowly, 'Zahra..mommy so sorry Zahra kena makan ubat. It's gonna be over soon. Sikit je lagi ok..Zahra strong girl kan' and she just looking at me with her teary eyes, I couldn't help it but cry as well. Dia dah pandai sekarang, 1y 11m, dah faham banyak menda. Kesian dia..mesti dia confuse, 'why I have to eat ubat even though I don't have cold/flu/fever'.. Sabar yer sayang..1 more month, insyaAllah..


    : sila jeles

  2. Thanks darlings~ thank you for the prayers!

    I miss you so much (kan Rena?)

    And you also missed the part where Rena got mengurat by abang kamera yg hensem :p

    On the other hand, kasihan Zahra...I pray that she recover soon. Muahks :*