Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Remember when I told that MrComot has this pain at his fingertips and tapak kaki, and some red spots? Well, he's all fine and thank God it wasn't measles. But at the same time, it remains a mystery to us!

The doctor said it could be allergy, and the pain is because water retention at those area, causing the skin to swell. He was prescribed with antihistamine but it doesn't work. Normally if you have allergy reaction and you take the antihistamine, the allergy will off like, almost immediately. MrComot punya last more than a week. Mula2 the red dots at fingertips and tepi2 tapak kaki, then it climbing tapak tangan, etc. So weird...

And after the red dots gone, the skin peeling off. The picture below taken 3 days ago, only at fingertips, and now the peeling is moving to the fingers and under the feet.

And another weird thing is, MrComot only consume normal food, so we are wondering what causing the allergy. MrComot punya theory lagi dahsyat, he said he think blood poisoning. He cleaned some fish that day, and got cut and the fish blood seep into the cut. could be, but don't you think it's a bit exaggerate?

Not to mention this is our first time to witness such allergy. Normally ada rashes or hard to breath, but pain at fingertips and feet + red dots + water retention? Sooo weird and it remains mystery to us!


  1. Mslh kulat air kot. Selalu mcm tu. Sebab die pun rajin kat dapur. Siang ikan and everything kan?

  2. I think it's your dishwasher! my MIL pun the same problem, but after dia tukar the dishwasher, terus Okay..

  3. hi aan andes,

    acik pun kadang2 kena mcm tu,
    tatau kenape, mungkin jugak tak tahan sabun membasuh pun ade kemungkinan jugak,

    then, acik try vaseline ( aloe fresh hydrating )

    alhamdulillah lepas tu ok,

    cuba lah.

  4. Fara,
    Kulat air sebab lama main air kan..tapi ni dia sakit..hmmm and then takde ubat apa dia lega sendiri. Takpe, lepas ni me monitor lagi tgk jadi mcm mana.

    Dalie n acik oren,
    Is it? Yg pelik sebab dia painful and ada red dots. Red dots tu serious pelik tau. Peeling ni after the pain dah hilang. Anyway monitor tengok :D

  5. salam,

    setuju dgn dedalie. My MIL pun macam tu, so kami tukar sabun cuci dan alhamdulillah OK. 2-3 bulan tukar jenama la... hehehhe