Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Zahra got new house slipper! And it's freaking cuteeeeeeee!!!

I bought mine long time ago and Zahra lovesss to wear my slipper. It's too big for her so I bought her the smallest size I could find.

I couldn't find the same bunnies btw, so Zahra punya comot sikit hahaha. But anything in smaller size is way cuter!

Anyway the smallest size still a tad big for her that she keep on slipping it off. So I sew a black 3/8" elastic at the back. Ala...macam getah pinggang tu. I've seen my mom using it dulu but for what, I dah lupa. Bought for a pack from Daiso at RM5.

And it's ready! Snugly and fit her nicely. When she's bigger, I can cut the elastic off.

Cute oversize bunnies on my feet!

Zahra in action! Hehe sneaky betul, can't take a proper pic of her that day. Lari sana sini.

Btw, she still prefers my bunny instead of hers! Nak jugakkk pakai yg mummy isk isk isk...

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  1. Hahahaha! Ayat Aan yg last tu bt sy tergelak. Nak jugak yg mommy punya ya? Notty tau!