Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love Song

It has been such a long time I haven't listen to the music, or radio, or any kind of that. I am more into reading these days, maybe it's a sign I'm getting older haha.

Anyway stumble upon this 2 songs that I am in love now.

Jar of Hearts

Funny thing is, I like cover version by BoyceAvenue ft more than the original singer - Christina Perri. CP punya version mcm more like angry and mad but the cover version is more to sad and heartbroken.

Original version by Christina Perri

Cover version by Boyce Avenue & Tiffany Alvord

I Love You Like A Love Song

By Selena Gomez & The Scene

I never like her (maybe because I find Bieber is annoying haha, so dia kena tempias sama), but somehow I love this song. Her voice suit the song well, and so romantic in catchy way.

Talking about romantic, I whatsapp MrComot this afternoon dedicated this song to him, even though I know he has no idea what song is that haha. And to my surprised he dedicated a song back to me and it is so funny.

I love you barney song!!! Hahaha dah tatau nak bagi lagu apa la tu. That's the only song he knows probably :P

Btw, Emir is getting better, I think. Because he can sleep and only wake up few times when his nose is blocked. Meaning his nose not blocked all the time. Hingus pun dah kurang Alhamdulillah. But last night he had to sleep in the rocker as it is tilted high at the head so he can breathe easier. Kalau lie down biasa he can't sleep. And Zahra woke up 4 times last night want a comfort (BF!). Haishh...Emir bangun sekali je.. But all in all, mommy kena bangun 5 kali. Hehe.

Emir is sleeping now, I want to lie down for a while. Oh yeah, this update is using laptop..ahhhh best ok, boleh taip laju. Kalau pakai phone or iPad rasa mcm susahnyaaa. Have a good day everybody!


  1. I pun suka lagu2 yg u suka aan..

  2. Salam,

    nice songs!

    Azwan ngan me BANNED lagu barney. ni semua Imran punya pasal. dia kata ... isk is isk...

  3. i love both songs too!! :)
    Btw, i use to dedicate barney i love u song to my hubby too.. huhu :P

  4. Tatty,
    Haha I knowww..Barney tu isk isk isk..tapi lagu dia best2. Ala..bukan derang tahu pun. Maybe tahu time besar nnt, trauma kejap je kut :P