Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blistering Blue Barnacles!

Tintin the movie is here! Well, that's old news I guess, and I don't think I will have a chance to watch it at cinema so I'm not pretty excited about it but when Wahdi wrote about his trip in Brussels where Tintin is originated, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa jelesnya!! I want to watch Tintin! Well, I want to go to Brussels too, but that is far impossible hehe.

If you read my blog since early days, I've wrote about Tintin and I think I wrote more in blogdrive (but the account was deleted by admin because I was inactive for so long :( ). I started collecting Tintin since I was in uni days..that is like 6-8 years ago! And tell you what, I have all the series!! Mwahahahahahaha

My mom used to say, 'apa ni beli buku kartun mahal-mahal'. Ya lahhh..I am like 20 plus already and maybe she thinks Tintin is kartun budak2? And it is expensive! At least to me. Those days, it was priced at RM29.90 or so, and I went high and low looking for the best bargain and found my love snuggled in Chowrasta bookstore! It's a secondhand bookstore, not really a store, more like a shabby place filled with books and magazines from floor to the roof. But they also selling new books, and my Tintin all is newwwww...at only RM20!!

Oh my..I miss that place so much. This is one of the entry about it. I used to spend hours and hours on every outing and the uncle siap kenal I ok. But now I'm not sure if he still remember me, as it was years ago. Funny thing is, I kinda miss him too. He's so knowledgeable and good with books. If I looking for some titles, he knows exactly where to dig it and if he doesn't have it, he will recommend me another title/author but more or less is sooo my taste. Terer uncle tu! Last time I saw him when I went there with MrComot, he's so old already, and gained some weight. I hope he's doing well now... Oh ya, this is also the place I bought all my Sidney Sheldon's! Those were the days..

Anyway, after reading Wahdi's entry, I quickly went to upstairs to find my Tintin and could only find 4 of them!!! Dangg! I forgot that the rest is in Terengganu. I'm gonna bring all of them here! ASAP! Haha.

The only 4. Still in mint condition and crisp like new! I handle and flip it like holding a baby, so precious and carefully :P

You can see all the titles behind. I have them all except the last one, Tintin the Alph-Art. That one is special, not the comic itself, I think more like the sketches collection of Tintin. Anyway I couldn't find it anywhere, even in MPH/Kino/Borders/etc..

This comic also translated to dozens of language worldwide!

Oh ya, blistering blue barnacles is Captain Haddock's famous expressions :D

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