Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport Whole Almonds

Another old stock bought from Langkawi. Filled with frangrance crunchy roasted almonds. Dulu this is my most fav choc but now falls to #2 after I tasted the previous one - whole hazelnuts :D

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  1. i love ritter sports as well!!! but my favourite is the one with biscuits inside. yumm!!

  2. Miss Interpreted,
    I have the biscuits one! Tapi tak try lagi. Nanti dah try I post it up :D

  3. Cpt abiskan Ritter Sport awak Aan. Sy yg baru beli minggu lepas pun da abis! Hiks~

  4. Fara,
    Ahaha u notice ye..semua stok langkawi tu haha. Dalam usaha menghabiskan :P