Monday, November 21, 2011

Weaning Zahra

As promised before, this is the story how we managed to wean Zahra! Yeayyyy!

Err...but but..we decided not to wean her. Boleh? So complicated. Nevermind, cerita satu2 dulu hehe.

As I wrote before, weaning a toddler (2yo) is hard because breastfeeding has become an emotional attachment to them, not as the drinking source. Kalau orang Melayu cakap, macam ketagih ganja! It's true..the moment Zahra latch on me, berpeluh-peluh dia macam syok giler sampai I pun saiko tengok ok. Are u ok? Are u ok? Haha. And now that she latches on me after come back from babysitter, normally the milk is gone already, I susukan Emir siap-siap, dia tak kisahh..bukan nak susu, saja je nak melekap. The first thing she asks when she steps into the house is 'bak' not mommy. Grrr....

I already can adapt 'two' babies and pretty much okay with Zahra bf-ing but during sleep time, it is very hard..because Emir will wakes up and I have to BF Emir and Zahra pun sibuk nak. I BF Emir with mengiring position and Zahra sanggup climb over to latch on the other boob. Gigih ni. Kalau kejap-kejap I won't mind, sometimes she's so sleepy so she is not that sober and doesn't feel 'kelenguhan' tonggeng nak melekap, so it will take sometimes, but I feel it, sakit pinggang ok. So I said, that's it, kena wean jugak.

I've put a lot of thing at my bak before, even ubat gamat, dia tak kisah ok. And this is the only thing that works for her...

Asam jawa!!!

It works on the first try, and until now! The moment she latch, she was stunned with the taste and stare at me and said;

'bak...yekkk!' (mommy's boobs got poop)

Apparently she thought that's how poop tastes like ahaha. Then I quickly said:

'hah? Ada yek? Suruh daddy wash'

And she rushed out from the room to her daddy while crying asking MrComot to carry her and wash her mouth. Hahaha.. for the first time I managed to sleep peacefully. Then when she woke up in the middle of the night, she asking for a latch, I will say, tak boleh, ada yek. Then she will say..'yekk..' with a very sad tone and went back to sleep. I'm so sedih too...see...I told ya, it's emotional attachment. Even myself not ready to let her go :(

Anyway she keep on asking for BF the next day, but then she will stop and told me my bak got yek and ask me to wash! Wahhh budak kecik ni dah improvised! Because she knows she can wash her mouth kan. So I just said, 'mommy dah wash, tapi ada yek jugak'. Then she will look pitifully at me and said 'bak..yek..washhh..eeeeeeee' and forget about bak after that. Haha that part tak sedih, dia cakap with cheeky tone.

By the way, I didn't do everytime because she never stop asking, and I have to go to the kitchen and open fridge and sapu and then basuh again when Emir pulak nak susu, so a bit hassle. So whenever she asks and my boob is empty, I just give it. So I think it gives her a wrong message that sometimes the yek is there, sometimes not. Whatever it is, the trick still works. I only do it during the weekend because she'll be with me the whole day kan..sikit2 mintak, susah la. During weekdays, I just layan her, only that I have to be smart, like BF Emir siap-siap before she comes back or pump some milk out for Emir later.

Talking about why I didn't wean her totally yet..well to be honest, I'm not ready. And I can feel she is not ready too.

And she has become a very good girl and sister. Sometimes, she just come and asking for bak, latch for a while, less than a minute and back continue her play. She doesn't get angry or upset anymore whenever I feed Emir and she understands that Emir need to drink.

Paling sedih after dia makan ubat in the morning, the medicine is so bitter that she'll ask for BF immediately. It's the only comfort source for her, for now... I have no heart to stop it yet. She's gonna finished the medication next I'll see where it will take us from there. For now, I'm not gonna wean her totally.

So yeah, that's my story. If you are about to wean your kids, you can try this method! It's natural and harmless :D


  1. haha..aqil pun..asyik 'nak nak' > refer to bak..siap nangis2 klu sll maria bg marissa minum sebelah..aqil kalau xlarat sgt..(mcm weekend) maria akan buat susu dlu kt dia..then bg dia minum dlu pastu br susukan kdg2 nak nak jugak even susu dah ada pun..pening tp so far msh boleh handle..xtau la bila nak wean aqil tu..

  2. Aan tak ready and at the same time rasa bersalah ye?

    Tapi tak apa. Agpun Zahra dah big girl. Dah almost 2 yrs. Sekurang2nya, Aan berjaya gak bf dia smpi umur mcm nie.

    Sy dulu setakat 8 mths je. Pas tu...=(

  3. m@ri@,
    Cukup eh kalau maria susu 2-2? Maria ada any petua tak.. Kalau me bagi 2-2 tak cukup.. Zahra mmg takkan minum susu botol kalau kat rumah

    Me think so..rasa bersalah dia belum 2yo. Tapi paling kesian sbb dia kena makan ubat kut. Maybe me tunggu lepas dia habis ubat. Fara, berapa bulan pun takpe kita susu the baby, as long as we did our best ;)

  4. salam,

    asam jawa? oh ini adalah salah 1 benda kegemaran Eiman. air asam jawa me separuh dia tonggang sorang. nasib baik eiman dah tak menyusu. muahahhaah