Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunflower vs Sweet Pea, Turkey vs Spring Chicken

Giving birth to Zahra and Emir open my life to two different world. Both of them are different in so many ways. Even the birth experience I had also different. Oh ya, I haven't share Emir's birth story. Tu nanti2 lah..

Talking about them, the moment I see them, different feeling flows into my heart.

Macam kalau Zahra, if I see her, I see sunflower! Sparkly and bright, shining me with all happy thing and full with energetic vibes. As for Emir, whenever I look at him, I feel like staring at sweet pea. So gentle and soft, giving me the calming and patience effect. My little sweet thing.. In a way, I find it amusing, as Emir manage to give me the feeling. Because he is a boy, yet so sweet, melt my heart. And Zahra, a little girl that rock my heart.

My Sunflower!
She did that face when I ask her to smile hehe

My Sweet Pea!

And both of them

By the way, we also have inside joke where we call Zahra, turkey and Emir, spring chicken because both of them were born with the same weight 3.4kg and yet so different. Zahra was so bam-bam and Emir on the other hand, so skinny that there is barely meat hanging on the leg. His face might look normal or quite chubby but wait till you see the kaki, seriously ayam kampung! Haha..

Kaki ayam kampung after a month. Before ni lagi kecik! Forgot to snap a pic of it

Happy Friday everyone. Have a good weekend!


  1. suka tengok gambo zahra n emir sleep together

  2. Ain Nazri,
    Rasa sweet kan. Tapi waktu terlena betul2 kena jauh sbb Zahra tido ganas! Ada harapan dia tertendang adik dia hehe

    Cik Kopi,
    Me think he is hensem too! Haha biasa la puji anak sendiri kan :P

  3. Beshnyer tgk diorg :-)
    Cute2.... esp bila tido mcm tak peduli apa dah. Me, kalau tgk niece nephew tido... sayu je... sayu in a comel way.. hahah...