Friday, November 4, 2011

I was clearing my phone and deleting some pictures (i've been bragging about my phone a lot now dia dah buat perangai. Banyak pics hilang and sometimes just can't open wawawa..I think it's because of the external memory card. After all it's more than 2yrs, tahan jugak la phone ni) and found few pics when we brought Zahra to the office. Forgot what occasion, it is dated August 9.

My office is like a big playground with mirrors all around, and lotsa treasure (side tables, Zahra suka sangat main ni hehe), and super cold too. The aircond is centralized and it's even colder on the rainy days. Anyway, that explains her with the green sweater completed with hood lagi hehe.

And her toys of the day, daddy's shoes! Sibuk nak pakai.

Picking daddy's shoes and bring to a corner

Trying on one foot first

Yeay! Managed to wear both!

The pics are not so clear anyway because she moves so fast. Daddy buka kasut sebab nak smayang Maghrib time tu.

Looking at these pics make me go 'awwww Zahra dah besarrrr'. Sometimes I miss her time kecik2. And it makes me so thankful that I get to observe and be part of her life. Even though I'm not a full time mom, I try to spend as much as I can with my kids.

Oh ya, happy aidiladha to all Muslims. Talking about Raya haji/qurban, I still remember clearly what the ustaz pesan during our kursus nikah, he said, lepas kawen, buat la qurban every year. Tak payah banyak, just letak satu envelope at the back of the door, every month put rm30 inside (it's like rm1 per day) and after a year we will have 360 kan, dah boleh qurban 1 part. Then do it alternate, this year for the wifey, next year for the hubby. So you wont feel the burden. Something like that lah. Nice tips ka. Bless the ustaz.

Anyway kitaorang tak buat pun this year hehe. InsyaAllah nak start next year. Semoga dipermudahkan..

Happy raya and hope you have a good time!

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