Monday, October 6, 2008



How was your raya? Mine was a very tiring one!! With all the solemnization preparations lagi.

Btw, this entry is not about raya at all ish ish ish.

Last week, the auntie call MrComot and said something like this

"The hantaran is called off. We will not interfere your wedding at all after this. Come take back all the stuff"

Apparently, "something" had happen and both of us have no idea what it is. Obviously the auntie is merajuk of something but MrComot refused to ask the details.

Now come the interesting part. Character.

Auntie: The hantaran is called off. We will not interfere your wedding at all after this
MrComot: OK.

-end of phone call-

I was like, haaaa?? Mcm tu je you jawab. Ok let put me in the situation

Auntie: The hantaran is called off. We will not interfere your wedding at all after this
Me: Eh auntie? Why is it? What happen?

Hahahahaha. See the difference between us? I mean, I find it weird and interesting at the same time. After the hantaran battle, we agreed and then suddenly want to cancel, of course you want to know why right?

After that I rained him with why cancel? what happen? don't you want to know why is it? Must be something trigger? bla bla bla haha

Later of the week, we learnt that somehow, somebody came into the picture and lecture them about what they have done. But to me, mmg lah kita tanak the hantaran at first place, but somehow at one point, we agreed and already BOUGHT the stuff kan, so why cancel without discussing about it with us?

Tapi tak kisah lah. Since we don't want to lenghthen the story, we just keep quite and ask nothing on the cancelation.

So now, will be no hantaran, back to what we want before. And I hope the auntie not holding any grudge as we really don't know what exactly is going on.

Btw, 4 days more to go!!!! :D


  1. I honestly don't like last minute changes (especially without any consultation first) like this.

  2. lor~
    naper la 'somebody' tu tak come into picture awal2 lg ye?
    perghh..mmg enegertic laa vokal 'somebody' tu sampai the auntie angkt bendera putih..weehuu..

    nasib bek laa last minute changes yg mcm ni je..tak laa efektif sgt (hope so)..yg perlu ditakuti adalah last minute change of minds by the bride or groom *lariiik*..-doa-doa-doa- yeah

  3. aku terbayangkan tetiba khamis tu ada org tukar lg pendapat dan tetiba kena buat hantaran jg...hahahaha :P

  4. ha'ah kan..
    pastu ade lak yg tukar pendapat lagi..kena buat pelamin kat umah..

    *psiko kakak aan*

  5. aku rasa, ko patut rilek dah time ni sbb pengantin harus berada dalam keadaan yang stabil supaya gambar yang diamik semua cun2 okay (aku lak gabra).

    my say, biar je lah. nanti ko lagik stress okayy (unless la ko rasa dengan tidak bertanya adalah lebih stress hehe)

  6. yup.. picture this,
    on the day itself, surprise !!! ada hantaran for you..
    and pelamin sudah di tempah.. :p

  7. make sure u still boleh masuk baju nikah :P

  8. Shani, exactly. Me too. Pening ok kejap2 mcm ni kejap2 mcm tu. At least consult la dulu kan?

    Lalink, kalau bride and groom change their mind, mmg seriously something wrong la tu haha

    Zul, kalau derang nak buat takpe..janji tak suruh kitaorg yg buat. Kang tak pasal2 postpone majlis pulak haha

    Haha yan.. tu la..let it be. Aku dah cool now. That day je la agitated gila. Now dah tak kisah, ada ke takde ke sama je kut :P

    Aleeya, kalau betul surprise, mek sokaaaaa. Tapi ni mcm serious merajuk. So ada surprise for my wedding gift tak? Hahaha kidding!

    Bee, me still can FIT okkk. Me think laaaa. Sbb me tak try lagi. But have to fit jugakkk sbb me ada satu baju tu je :P