Monday, September 24, 2012

Tingginya anak mommy

This picture is poorly taken last night, at the parking lot, under very dim light and late at night. We were also in rush, so the picture mcm gegar-gegar. Initially I wanted to take this picture because we are wearing the coordinate clothing - blue blouse with white mini polkadot but it can't be seen in this picture.

Anyway this is our first picture together standing side by side and I am so surprised that Zahra is already half of me! I went "OMG tingginya anak mommyyyy!!". I still breathing in denial, can't accept it that my little baby is not a baby anymore *sniffles*. Time sure flies so fast.

Even if she gets taller than me, she will always be my baby.


  1. Salam.Berminat dgn pemanggang ajaib yg murah?Colling2 akak ya

    terima kasih

  2. amboi tingginya dia..dah nak sama tinggi mommy dah ni