Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Wedding Album is in town!

Believe it or not, we never print any wedding pictures yet, and I got my wedding album last Monday, after 2 years of marriage! Haha.

Actually it's kinda our fault. We never send our photos for printing, nor compiling into albums. We just hired official photographer on our wedding WITHOUT album thinking that we want to make the album ourselves! Yes, we are bunch of AMBITIOUS people, or NUT! Haha.

When Zahra Elena popped-out, we know that it will be dream-won't-come-true, so we decided to leave it to professionals. And still!! It took us almost a year to get it done. Asyik tangguh-tangguh haha.

Coincidentally, one of my colleague is doing photography as his part time job (whiteboxsyndicate) and I find his work is decent enough with my budget. And that's how I decided to hand over this tedious job to him ;)

I request for 2 albums. One for solemnization and one for reception. I use our wedding invitations as the front cover.

Solemnization, printed on cardboard metallic paper.
Photographer was my friends Bee&Yan, FOC as wedding gift. Thank you darlings! :D

Reception, printed on metallic cardboard paper.
Photographer - hired (and I forgot his link already hehe)

Bottom line is, if you THINK you can make your own album, forget it! (unless it is your forte hehe). You won't even have the time to think about it, and edit lah apa lah. So, hire photographer WITH album pleaseee! Or you'll end up like me, after 2 years! And still not making it ourselves in the end, hahaha.


  1. aan, speaking of album, have u ever made scrapbook album for zara?i found in the internet about this scrap booking digital and it is so cute!!!alot of sweet designs for the lil' ones.I am thingking of doing this scrapbooking for azryl.(but i ni bukan berseni sangat.heheheh)

  2. Hi Lin, I know the digital scrapbook but not so into it hehe. I lagi suka paper2 ni and in fact mmg nak buat, but you know lah..still tak buat2 huhuhu. Buat la for Azryl, it's going to be fun and full with love ;)

  3. whoaaaaa...ur wedding was one of my fav events of a lifetime :)
    speaking of wedding album, i still havent got mine done on the JB side. should chase the photog for it!

    btw, time flies! :(