Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 11-months Pusher

We never bought Zahra Elena any toys because she got quite a handful during the majlis doa selamat and she is more interested with hangers, peg cloth, pot and pan and whatever we are holding.

And after 11 months, Zahra got a proper toys from us! Hehehe. Bought this pusher from a warehouse sale in Jalan Tandang. Actually takde plan nak beli but since we go there all the way and not many options of toys on sale, we just grab this as it is at 50% discount. But I don't know whether it is worth buying or not as we didn't know the standard price as well, but oh well..takpe lah..it's more like impulse buying, and thank God she loves it!

Not only loved by Zahra, the daddy is super excited as well!

Me being me couldn't care less about the blocks and said, 'why don't you just dump everything inside because somehow Zahra will campak-campak jugak, bukannya dia tahu susun lagi' and MrComot said, 'biarla me nak buat! Zahra suka nanti cantik2'. Haha..what a grown up baby.

She loves to push it

And play with the wooden blocks

The first time she pushed it, it was a bit awkward and she walks like an old lady, terbongkok-bongkok and after few times, giler laju..siap lari hahaha. Anyway the only draw back is, this little thing just do straight line, so mcm tak best, Zahra can't turn it when it comes to corners..when it reaches dead end, she will stop and find another thing to play.

On the other note, our little princess turns 11-months few days ago! How fast time flies! I still feel exhausted and worn from the life-changing-event, being a mom, and now look, it almost been a year!

Her skill is pretty much the same. Still can't walk, crawl like a pro and teeth remained at bottom two! It's so funny to see the almost fully grown teeth and no other tooth peeking out. Oh ya, she just found out that she can tip-toed, which she loves so much and I always find her tip-toeing whenever she stands.

Happy 11 months sayang! Another month for you to become a toddler! But I always see you like a little baby. Mommy lovessss you so mucho mucho mucho much!


  1. Darl the push trolley looks nice la!!i mean its a multifunction toys.I Loike.hope to buy one for da prince.

  2. aqil pun tak boleh jalan lagi..dah nak setahun dah..but he like zahra..super crawl..and now dah boleh panjat sofa sambil goyang2 badan atas sofa.aduss..

  3. oh baru teringat, i still owe maryam a push-to-walk / pushcar!

    my little girl pun takde byk toys, dulu masa nawfal excited betul nak beli toys each mth.

  4. nanti you send her to ballad class ye Aan~

    Dia sangat flexible juga~ ;)

  5. Lin,
    Hehe tu la pasal, it's so adorable, mesti Azryl suka

    Tu la..tapi no need to worry, baby's development lain2 kan. So we just want and see ;)

    Anak pertama mcm tu kut, excited hehe. Zahra ni nasib baik dia mcm tak minat nak main toys, tu yg me tak beli :P

    Hahaha all babies like that kut? Haha but ballad is niceeeee, me nak buat her tutu! :P

  6. nawfal lain cerita, sampai skrg pun, evrytime kuar request toys! stiap kedai yg kitorg gi, mesti ada mende yg dia nak!