Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our 101010 ;)

Facts of the day, do you know that 10 Oct is our anniversary? is our second being married and oh fast time flies, don't you think so?

Since this year the number come out pretty 101010 I was excited to write about our anniversary. In fact, I was dreaming since last year to have something nice and extravagant for this anniversary but oh turned out to be just like ordinary days, just like last year! And that explains why I didn't update on the day itself - takde mood and nothing exciting! Gahhhhhh

Not that we don't want to have something special, we don't even have the time to plan about it, bummer! I still remember, last year we plan to go vacation la party la apa la..ughhhhhhhh! Enough the whining, I still want to update about it!

We had 2 open houses on the day before (saturday) so we were pretty tired to go out on the Sunday but macam tak best la pulak tak keluar mana2 on your special day kan? So we dragged our tired ass to Ikea, with a cranky toddler, really not helping! All Zahra wants to do is crawl and climb, crawl and climb! She's been protesting with the stroller and baby chair all day that we have to carry her most of the time.

Our lunch - steamboat pulau ketam located at underpass Ikano. One thing I love about this steamboat is the sambal and deep fried garlic in oil. Seriously addictive.

Zahra during lunch. I brought her lunch as well but she refused to eat, want to play instead. I was hoping that we can have lunch in peace but towards the end, we have to take turn to finish our food. Welcome to parenthood haha.

And this is what we had for dinner at Nandos. Peri Hot for me and Herbs and Lemon for him. Seriously I don't get it why he doesn't like spicy food. I mean, macam u makan bihun goreng, takde cili potong, tak kick ok. And herbs and lemon? Who eat this at Nandos. The reason why we eat Nandos because of the spicy peri right? Haha no offense to anybody out there, saja gelak2 kan my hubby

Anyway, same thing goes to our dinner. I'm feeling a bit romantic so ordered the dessert, konon-kononnya nak makan berdua lah (I rarely eat dessert after meal because I find it a bit unhealthy hehe) but in the end, we have to take turn eating it because Zahra already throwing tantrums and wants to be carried. But it's not her fault though, it's quite late already around 9pm and she must be very tired and bored in her stroller.

My both babies *heart*

And Zahra at Nandos, eating the straw.

By the way, 101010 is not only our anniversary, it's also the date Zahra turned 9 months! Which reminds me I planned to write about her when she was 8 months and see....dah 9 bulan pun haha.

Basically that's how we spent our anniversary and no gifts! I really want to get him something but I don't have the time to do so *sigh*. I know I can buy anything like wallet or whatever, but he's not material guy so it's hard to buy things for him. And gadget is a no-no..because mahal haha. So another resort is something handmade (which is impossible!) but I have something in mind and already executed it by..hmm...20%? Haha.. I'll review whenever I manage to pull it. One thing for sure, it's full of lurveessss and a surprise. So none of you don't dare to spill it to MrComot ok. Shani, get it? Hahaha.

Anyway, I wish we will do something more meaningful on our 3rd anniversary and dear hubby, I love you more and more each day!