Friday, October 29, 2010

BR Rum Raisins Halal or not?

I was going through the comments and there is this comment asking me about Cafe Barbera halal or not, and that question remind me of my promise to get back to you guys about Baskin&Robin's Rum & Raisins status.

I already emailed the correct person on this matter but I also plan to go to their branch and just casually ask for a cert or explanation to see the staff reaction and feedback. Truth is, I don't have the time and don't even more stock up my icecream anymore because my fridge is full with my EBM! (and this remind me that I need to buy new fridge). Not only icecream, my fridge also don't have the usual house food - chicken, beef, fish, whatever..gahhh! Ok back to the topic.

So since I don't think I'll do the asking investigation anytime soon, I'll just share with you guys the feedback that I got from BR team ok? In any case it helps ;)

Below is the screenshot of my email

If you still unsure with the credibility of the answer, you can go search further - mencari yang halal adalah kewajipan (I keep on reminding myself because so many food nowadays and so tempted to eat them without any conscience).

Till then, have a nice Friday everyone!!

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