Friday, October 8, 2010

Blueghh Peas

I know I've been writing about Zahra a lot lately. But there's so many things to write about her, or things that resolves around her.

She's 8 months plus now which means she already tried a lot of food! The only thing is I didn't manage to snap the menu all the time because we are running against the time now. Most of the time we prepare the food after office hour, have to rush peeling, steaming, blending, cooling and taking care of her at the same time. This lady likes to climb a lot - a lot that she bumped her head few times already :(. So sometimes tak sempat nak amik gambar.

Anyway this menu is when she was 6 months old. It's the first time I introduce her to sweet peas.

Sweet peas is full of protein and the goodness for 6-months old baby, and not 'gassy' after being cooked.

You have to peel the skin, use the beans only. Only thing is, the sweet peas that I bought is quite small hence it's too little comparing to the porridge. So I add a handful of frozen peas.

From what I read, frozen vegetables is the second best after fresh one. I boiled it separately before dump everything into the porridge.

And the result? Zahra hates it!!

Hahaha...I tried the peas again when she was 7-months old, and she still hates it! I wonder why, I mean, I tried it and it's nice, it tastes like beans la..creamy with a hint of sweetness. Maybe I can try to give it to her again, much later.

By the way, as for now, I already introduced her to chicken and beef! And she loves beef the most! And she's getting pickier where she doesn't like her food to be the same for 3 days in a row. So the trick is, I made few different types in a batch and alternate it.

This is her current staple
Lunch #1: porridge + chicken + carrots + a bulb of garlic + few slices of ginger
Lunch #2: porridge + beef + potato + onion + few slices of ginger
Tea + Dinner: apples + avocado

She likes the combination of apples and avocado very much so am thinking of giving her another fruit with avocado, like papaya or raisins (I'm a big fan of avocado, so don't want to remove it from her daily diet). So far she is free from sugar and salt! Not even a pinch in her porridge. It's not a big deal actually, but I just love the natural food she's having ;)

And the new list at the fridge.

So far this is what she had tried:

Rice - loves!
Barley - normal
Papaya - loves!
Apples - loves!
Avocado - loves!
Banana - normal
Raisins - loves!
Pumpkins - hates!
Dates - normal
Pear - normal
Watermelon - normal
Plum - hates!
Carrots - loves!
Potato - loves!
Japanese Sweet Potato - loves the purple one, hates the yellow one
Sweet peas - hates!
Beef - loves!
Chicken - normal

That's all that I can remember for now. Will share more later!


  1. Salam,

    My Eiman dah korap dah!
    Apa yg kami makan, dia makan... sebab my Mum risau dia kecik...
    so... sumbat jangan tak sumbat!

  2. Tatty,
    Takyah risau, asalkan healthy dah ok. Me dulu pun small baby (rasa mcm org jentik pun boleh terbang kut hehehe). Tapi Zahra pun dah korap semalam, me caught one of the kids feed her chipsmore! Pengsan!

  3. haha..Zahra mkn chipsmore yer..
    my mom called me kastam, sbb sume pon i xkasi Danish mkn, except the one from homemade food only :P
    or is it okay nk bg dier rase2? konpius gak kdg2..

    boleh yer, add ginger n onion dlm dier punyer food?
    i blom try lagi..

  4. Dayah,
    It's ok for you to be kastam! You do what you feel right to do. I know, orang tua cakap nnt baby fussy la tak elok la tak try semua. No no no..we read, we study and we decide. Memang la dulu kita masa kecik makan oke je, besar hidup sihat alhamdulillah, but that's not the point. We have our own way to raise our kid won't we? ;)

    Ginger tu considered spice, yup dah boleh makan. Onion pun dah boleh since 8 months ;)

  5. Thanks aan, u always make me feel better.. :)

  6. my 6m+ lurveee peas! kitorang je rasa yuckie sbb after blend kaler ijau je.. but he hates avocado to the max!! n sweet potato makes him gassy..i think la, br try once pastuh dah takut or maybe its his colic day, x sure..nanti try bila dia dah masuk 7m

    aan, thanks sbb sharing.. i baca ur blog n jadikan ref - food specially, babycubes! & masa zahra terjatuh dr katil tu.. happened to me too, errr my baby i mean :(

    keep on writing n sharing!