Monday, October 25, 2010

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

We just finished watching True Blood Season 2 last night (despite of it is working Monday on the next day) and it's awesome!

I not only fall in love with the story but also mad love with the opening song! It's "Bad Things" by Jace Everett.

I normally will skip the opening song straight to the story so that I can save time but not with TB! It has its own charm, the lyrics, the voice - so so sexaaay! And I also love the opening credit, it's a random images that all add up make me think of craziness, weirdos, hippies, and a little bit of 70s! It is indeed a perfect match for the show. I find myself enjoying the song to every bits of it together with the opening credit. Everytime after watching the opening song, I will say to MrComot, "sedap kan lagu ni? Suara dia so cool and sexy!"

"I wanna do real bad things with you"

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

I'm the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.
I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

I'm not a fan of vampire stories but this story is awesome in its class - it's wild and fresh, not the disgusting wild, and full of craziness and weird stuff that I find appealing and a turn on! Haha like seriously. It does make me wanna do bad things hehehe

We have another 1 season for TB, few eps on Chuck, V and Big Bang Theory..then we might need to scout for new series to fill the gap. Hmm thinking of watching Eureka, but see la how. I tried to watch Dollhouse but it bore me to death haha.

So this is my current series that we are having

Last but not least, Bad Things is addictive! :D


  1. Salam,

    Me macam pangkah citer darah-sebenar ni since me tengok yg tak sencored punya. oh pening pening pening... dah la masa tu ujung-ujung zaman ngandung. nak buat 'bad thing' ngan Azwan pun tak bleh. HAHAHHAHA

    ok, THAT is over shared! :P

  2. Haha tatty, me pun tgk yg tak cencored and pening awal2..rasa mcm menyampah pun ada. But bila nak masuk season2 dah best :D and yes, that's TMI! :P

  3. ishhhh lamanye x buat keje2 menonton tv series ni....

    teringat zaman dolu2...

  4. Hehe Dil..jom jom tengok. Take a break from ur work. Jgn stress2 ok.. Tgk seriess ni mmg hilang stress :P