Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Pain is coming back :(

I was about to update on happy things today but something unexpected happens.

I got my menses back! What the ...

I've been menses free for 18 months and now is the time to say Hello best friend! I don't mind if it's normal one, but mine pretty hurtful for the first 2 days. It feels like the womb is scrunching and tell you what, sometimes I coudn't take it that I have to pop panadol menstrual. There was one time I had an outing with my friends, and I have to excuse myself to the ladies because I feel so nauseating and about to faint and guess what, I blackout in the toilet ok! For about an hour I guess. When I was back to the world, the cleaner lady already knocking the toilet door asking who's inside. And people said the pain will go away once you gave birth, how wrong are they! Now I'm starting to feel the tightening and mild pain already :(

I know there are some mommies who don't have their menses until they have 3 kids! How I wish I am like that.

Oklah..gotta calm myself first. Still can't accept this :(


  1. i had it 1st week of oct.. almost 1 year since nifas..

  2. maria dpt ms aqil 6 bulan..skrg dah lewat hampir 3w..oh noooooo

  3. me pitam lepas baca posting ni :p

    dah cuba rebus daun sireh dan minum airnya?

  4. MariaHafiz,
    Lucky you! I was expecting to be at least a year jugak la :(

    Oh nooooooooo! Dah check?

    Hehe me pun pitam can? Belum try lah darling, work eh? Nnt me try. Tenkiu!