Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KLIA & Taman Botani Putrajaya

We went to KLIA last Saturday to send MrComot's mom, she's going to Egypt. On the way back, we decided to check out the parks at Putrajaya.

Below is some pictures taken during the journey (cewahh mcm jauh je kan :P)

Rainbow strays left behind - on the way to KLIA

Escort in KLIA. Giler murahhh okkk! Mcm tak logic je? Or there is a catch?

MrComot: Kalau mcm ni kita boleh la mintak derang escort, baru 25 ringgit. Boleh jadi glamer kejap siap ada org bawak senapang semua
Me: Hahaha ye lahh tu
MrComot: Pastu semua org staring at us mcm important person je
Me: Motiff you nak org tgk?

Haha merepek okkk

The schedule should be 1030 am so we start our journey around 715am. Unfortunately, flight was delayed for freaking 2 hours!! Penat okk bangun awal2 *nanges*

The sun already shining brightly by the time we were out from KLIA. So we headed straight to Taman Botani.

The signboard. Very easy to find.

The leafy tiles

A very tall tree with very huge leaf

I was scared of this tree, the leaf mcm bintik2 mcm kena penyakit.
Seriously it looks scarier in life.

Under the crawling flowers

Map of the area. It's pretty big and can take you up to a whole day to explore

We were in rush (I have to go for my friend's engagement) so we couldn't cover the park throughly. While walking in the park, we saw few people cycling in the park. Before going back, I asked the counter guy and according to him, we can rent the bycicle to use it in the park. I forgot the charges btw :( Is it RM3 per hour or RM3 per one time?

They also got cycle for two, you know the one with 2 handle and pengayuh tu. Couple bicycle. Something like that.

Couple walking with their bicycles

The makcik caught us snapping them hah

We definitely will come again, for the ride!!

I was thinking, exercise in greens. It sounds cool right (and poyo, but whateverlah haha)? :D

Ps: I ammm sooooo obsessed with mini dress with pocket now. Do you know where can I get one (MANYYYYY pleaseee)? The thing is, I found quite a lot but all of them come with very short sleeves (like baby tee). I can wear with inner (mcm ramai org pakai kan) BUTTTT I don't look good with 2 layers top :(

So, what I'm looking for now is, a mini dress with pocket and 3 quarters sleeve minima and yg paling penting CUTE!! Oh ya, I don't want tunic ok (I look like a preggy mommy in tunic). Kalau ada long sleeve will be better. So babes, if you jumpa any, tell me eh? Mwahhhhhss

See the pockett!!! I want to stuff my M&Ms lalalalala

Ok peeps. T0odles!


  1. I've tried cycling there before and it's great! The view is gorgeous, if u walk further, u would find a lake, a pretty sight to see!
    I longed to go there again but Putrajaya is far! I know, only half an hour but seems far.. hahaha.
    Neway, I'm ok, why shouldn't I? :P

  2. Tak sampai lagi sini, must go one day :)

    try this : http://jovyswardrobe.blogspot.com/2008/11/lacey-long-sleeve.html

    it's long sleeve & ade poket for ur M&M's!

  3. tot andes dah dh nak jd mummy.. pakai baju besaq2

  4. Yow! Bunting pelamin kah? :D

  5. Fina, tak bitau pun pegi!! Anyway we can always go togetherrrr!!! Kalau segan can ajak fatin so will be 4 of us cycling yeayyy. Jom la jom la jom laaaaaa

    Thanks Along!!! Dah checkout the blog and best laa..banyak baju comel2. But most of them dah sold out ces ces cesss

    Dil, mana ada jadi mommy..Tak honeymoon lagi ni, so kena control2 haha

    Asroll, motif tanya banyak kali? LOL
    I told you after honeymoon kan :D

  6. lalink..u should try tau ride the bicycle there. me pegi dengan geng2 bas skola. serious..havoc. dan me seperti biasa dapat extra time walaupun bayar utk sejam setelah me menggunakan skill mata menggoda memikat abang penjaga basikal. opppss..u takleh wat dah. u kan dah mrs.comot. ahaks..maybe u leh wat skill simpati dengan baju2 ngandung bagai itu...*lariiiik*