Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meat Galore at Carnaval Churrascaria

I had another dinner session with MrComot's friend last weekend at a weird place named Carnaval Churrascaria, somewhere near to the dead Atria Mall in PJ.

It is a brazillian buffet style where all the meats are grilled and the waiter come to each table with knives and skewered meat and slice it for us.

The waiters (called Passadors) move very fast and swiftly. They don't even stop when I said 'Waittt!!! Pose for a while'. Gila keji okkkayy. Dah la my camera susah nak focus, because it is too dark for my lense (note: Need SLR!!!). But I understand that they need to move fast as the tables quite occupied that night. By the way, thanks for smiling ya Passadors!

So here some pics that I managed to snap.

Serving the group in front of our table

In action

Chicken gizzard

Caramelized pinapple

I tasted alllll of them (being gluttony) which includes roast beef, garlic beef, lamb shoulder, garlic lamb, chicken, chicken gizzard, chicken sausages, prawn, garlic bread and fish fillet.

The winner of my choice will be roast beef and pineappleeeeeeeeeee!!! Seriously sedap giler especially the roast beef! All the guys prefer lamb shoulder but I am no good with lamb la. I cepat pening kalau bau lamb hehehe.

The roast beef varies from medium well to medium rare and RARE!! *pening pening*

Depending on how deep the cut you get. Since it will be skewered and grilled as in a whole, you have to ask for the first cut to get the medium well (the outer side).

I got medium rare - erk!

Seriously, I won't eat medium rare okkk because I don't like something *bloody* but this time is exceptional. It tastes soooo gooood. Maybe because the passador cut it thinly for me, so it didn't taste that bloody and I don't become a vampire. (But I will prefer medium well anytime :P)

The pineapple also taste sooo gooood. I always avoid pineapple as my tounge really sensitive with it, it will gives me a tangy sensation and my tounge will feel numb afterwards. Btw, I managed to finish 2 slices of it that night. Not bad eyhh :D

Sauces given - mint and salsa and tobasco

Another plate of favourite, chicken sausages, prawn and garlic bread

The prawn also soooo goood, so fresh and only slightly grilled. The bread is warm and tasty, mcm ada sour cream sket.

The only thing I don't like will be, fish fillet!! *blueghhhh* Soooryyy, I don't like fish fillet yg rasa mcm tanah2 sket, like freshwater fish.

They also have 2 arrays of unlimited savoury dishes, pasta and salad bar.

I like the deep fried brinjal (aubergine) very very much

Salad bar

After all the meat stuffing and all, I decided to order camomile tea and they gave me this:

Twinings for RM7.90

Overall it is an interesting place for gathering provided the good services and nice food. Oh ya, it is RM48++ per pax and since it is a buffet, I think it's reasonably priced (considering the meats meats meats) unless you are a minimal eater.

The signage

This is the address (I forgot to snap the namecard though):

77 Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Tel: 03-7725 2252
Opens daily for dinner (6pm-10.30pm)

Ps: Suddenly I feel like a cannibal :P


  1. lalink...this restaurant sound like cannibal kan...coz of the 'carnaval' tu me rasa..ahahaha..mati laa merepek sakan.

    mcm best je makan kat sini.tapi me kena bawa rakan-rakan sekanibal me..baru berbaloi ni.

    errr...u kanibal kan? jom....:D

  2. nenas karamel. hmmm cam sedapnyaaa.

    tak perlukan SLR pun, pakei flash ajor he he. nanti dah ade SLR, malas nak mengusung hehehe percayee lah.

    selamat hari raya!!

  3. Hehe jom lalink! Me know mesti u nak yg merah2 tu, ish ish ish

    (me nak makan ketam yg u TANGKAP)

    Yan, pineapple tu mmg sedappppppppp. Flash tu lambat giler nak adjust. Sempat mamat tu cabut dulu baru nak snap haha.

    Selamat hari raya!!