Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Mouthful Dragonfruit

My house area got Pasar Malam yesterday's evening. It is such a long time I don't go to a PM. Almost 3 months I think. Since I'm going to have dinner on my own, so I rushed back to get some food from there.

Surprisingly I kinda missed the PM. Not the atmosphere, but the food! Suddenly I feel like eating the mass-cook keowteow goreng, otak-otak, tauhu bakar, jagung rebus, murtabak, beehoon soup, etc etc. Everything look so yummylicious!

But I get a grip and rationalize myself, just buy what I need and most wanted. So I end up buying a nasi ayam (I am so hungry and need rice), laksa kedah and cendol.

I also bought dragonfruit which cost me RM5 per basket which has 4 big pieces. Pretty cheap kan? As at the mall they sell it like RM6-7 per kg, and the one that I bought is like 1kg and a half. Btw, I bought the white one. And suddenly I saw this only basket with 4 pieces of the red.

So I casually asked:

Me: Yg merah takde ke dik?
Guy: Ada kak, tu..
Me: Berapa ni?
Guy: 5 ringgit jugak


Me: Hmmm..ni dah lembik2 ni..and macam buruk2 la...
Guy: Tak buruk akak, kulit dia je mcm tu. Sbb dia kena air hujan semalam
Me: Kalau 3 ringgit boleh la..

Guy asking the boss..bla bla bla

Guy: Ok lahh.. 3 ringgit!

What? Seriously that easy? Kalau tahu mcm ni I will ask for RM2 ok. But I know the deal is good enough already, so no need to be greedy lah kan. Consider it as a win-win situation ;)

The big red dragonfruit. See the lebam2 mcm buruk tu? It's only on the skin. The inside is unaffected.

It's more to shocking pink isn't it? Some people don't dare to eat it because of the strong color. But it is natural so, should be ok, don't worry ;)

The after-cut

The color also left track on my hands, even after I washed it.

And sometimes it can even make appearance in your poo! So don't jump shocking if this happen to you. It ain't any blood. Unless you are bleeding for real.

Btw, this is one of my fav fruits. And I prefer the red over the white.

My other fav fruit is watermelon that I can't get enough of it. Masa kecik2 I used to imagine, if given only one food for you to survive for the rest of your life, what it will be?

Yes, watermelon!

Sometimes it changed to keropok bantal, then Mamee, then back to watermelon. But in the end, it will be only watermelon. Oh ya, for the record, I don't really fancy keropok bantal or Mamee, it is just, what I used to think when I was small :D

So what's your fav fruits?


  1. Friend, I want the froggie umbrella too! Sooo cute!!

    Bila tengok tangan ko merah after potong dragonfruit, 1st thing came to my mind was "eh, bleh buat blusher" coz the pink shade is soo nice. Boleh tak? Haha!

    Aku ada setahun tak pi pasar malam. Rindu the foods too, roti john, char kuew tiau, asam-asam, the cheap plastic household.. aiyoh!

  2. Yes Bella! Comei giler the umbrella. Suka sgt kan. Anyway I was thinking the same too! Buat blusher. But kalau tersalah letak jadi mcm opera cina pulak kan. Dah la mcm permanent. Tak pasal2 hehehe