Thursday, March 6, 2008

Going healthy

*Finally we get to drink, after collecting RM10 each. Terpaksa lah kan*

Anyway I still have this bloatness. And the heartburn. I read it in some old newspaper that heatburn is a common thing for us, is it? Do you guys have this condition? It is called GERD btw and I forgot the details but from what I remember, it is like your esophagus is not working well, thus the gas goes up and give you the heartburn feeling. The only way to correct this is via minor surgery that will tighthen the passage and reduce the risk of gas going up. Which is, no way I will do that. Hmm anyway I dunno for how long I can stand this heartburn anymore. It happen almost every day. The only thing I do now is drink lots water and eat right. I hope it will gone someday...

Btw, I'm tired of drinking this so-called fruits goodness from ready-pack juices like Peel Fresh, Fruit Tree and Bueno Fresh. I heard dah Florida juice is the best but it is fucking expesive ok. 1 liter is like Rm15 mcm tu. Peel fresh baru je around RM5. But lately I notice they are not as good as they used to be (or maybe I'm just paranoid). It's more like sugar with artificial flavour with very little real fruit juices added. The last buy was the pomegranate with carrot and orange and it taste like air basi ok, no kidding. So half of the pack was thrown into the sink.

Anyway, tak larat lah nak beli from Juice Works kan. It is RM8-Rm10 for a small glass of fresh squeezed fruits.

So I made this last week and it tastes good, seriously!

Oranges, carrots and celery.

Wash, chop all and blend it.

The real juice after filtered.

Since I don't have the real juicer, I just use blender. Well, no difference pun. It still taste as good as it can be. Anyway, you guys ingat tak time belajar science dulu that if we put extra heat or movement that produce heat, will scare away all the nutritions from the food (especially fruits as they are so fragile, and that's why they are best eaten in their origin form). Hmm..I hope the blender wont harm the fruits that much. Else it will be not more than plain water lah.

Oh ya, I put in the freezer so it can last hmmm..for 3 days I think. But you can save it for a week if you put it in the sejuk beku tu. Btw, it's only my estimation. Jadi apa-apa akak tak tanggung okay.

On a happy thought, oranges and carrots good for your eyes as they are rich in beta-carotene.

So, happy juicing peeps!

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