Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal pleasure in Zoo Malacca

We went to Malacca last weekend for Pijot's wedding. It is somewhere in Sg Udang. Congratulations my friend. Enjoy your marriage *hugs*

We set off from the ceremony around 230pm and stop by one small R&R for prayer when suddenly an old auntie (around 60ish I think and walking with a stick) offered her hand to salam with me. I must look so nice kan hehehe. Anyway, I was a bit shocked so I covered it by asking where are they going and they said Zoo Melaka. nice lah makcik tu. I think I like her.

Anyway, after the prayer I asked MrComot if it is possible we don't go back to KL right away because we have nothing to do there pun. I told him I'm thinking going to Zoo Melaka and he said OK (yeay!).

We entered the zoo around 330pm and we were just in time for elephant show. They have this trio, Mahkota (the male), Tay (the female) and Noni (the baby). The show is pretty interesting. The first part they show few tricks how to climb the elephant, how to make it moves and how to instruct them to work like move things, pickup things, etc. The elephants also danced when the heard the music!

Noni, Mahkota and Tay

Tay shows how she sleeps

Noni shows how she sits

And do you know that elephant has 40,000 muscles for his trunk alone compared to us, have 6,000 muscles in total.

During the show, suddenly Mahkota is being pulled next to the river bank and rupa2nya dia nak kencing. Giler byk dia kencing ok, like a big water hose, mcm fireman department punya. After he peed, the hanging thing won't shrink. It took him like 10 minutes to stuff it back.

Can you spot the hanging thing?

Zoom in

The second part showed the elephants dancing to the music. They also playing musical instrument (Mahkota played the drum, Tay played the tamborine, and Noni played the harmonica). They are pretty smart.

After the tricks show, they allowed audience to interact with the elephants. We can touch, feed and take pictures with them. I want to feed it but so many people already swarming the sugarcane place to buy it and it is soo hot so I passed it. But I get to touch Tay! It is a quick one because her trunk keep on moving. Takot ok..kang dia libas kang, tak pasal2 I smashed. Her skin is soooo thick and hard.

Me, trying to get near Tay.

That is the last pic taken using my camera, before the battery went out. So sad...lupa charge :(

The next pictures below taken using MrComot's dopod. So the quality is not really good. But ok lah, better than nothing.

(Sorry busyukkkkkk, next time me check my camera betul-betul)

The bus tour (apa ntah org panggil ni..tak tahu, but all zoos have it I think)

Another thing that fascinate me with this zoo is the white-something lemur (sorry, tak ingat the full name). They have it in one big cage. I thought the lemur is prisoned like other animals but it is not really like that! Yes it is in a cage, but we can get into the cage and be with them!

At first I see them as a dangerous species (afraid they can bite) but if we can be with them with no barrier, means it is safe right? So I having good time chasing them. I felt like a little kid hehehe.

They are busy feasting on the leaves

First try. Touching the soft tail. Pretty isn't it?

Chasing one of them

Hey mana mau lari?

Hehehe..Zoo Melaka, sorry yer. I didn't mean to disturb them, but they are just sooo adorable that I can't resist goofing them around.

They also have this 'Primate Island' where all the monkeys, ungka (is it baboon?) and gorillas were left playing with the trees freely without cage and we can even go near them (if you dare to climb the hill and go near lah). I tak berani as they are making noise and it is actually kinda scary to hear the uuukk-uukk bersahutan.

The glow-in-the-dark signboard.

We walked (yes, walking!) the whole round of the zoo. We tried to get the 'bus' ride when we half of the zoo but none in our sight. It's already 6pm so I guess we missed the last ride. My feet was soo tired with the shoes that I had to walk barefoot for about 1km! In total, we walked for more than 3 hours. Kalau tak kurus jugak tak tahu lah kan. Btw, I had a really good time.

Overall, I think Zoo Melaka is way better than Zoo Negara. I went there once and the design is bad. We are soo far from the animals and let's not talk about the service. I tried to write about it once but it is soo bad that I don't have the heart to write about it at all. Maybe you can try to visit and judge it by yourself.

But, don't miss Zoo Melaka for sure!