Thursday, March 27, 2008

Takoyaki session

Remember I am craving for takoyaki since my last meeting with the girls? Finally I get to have them last night. It was our movie night like usual, sbb murah kan. Instead of having a proper meal, I insisted we eat takoyaki! Well..actually I wanted to have a decent dinner, then tako for my snack but due to time constraint I got to choose, dinner or tako.

Hmm..I was having a hard time to decide whether eat something good or only tako.. MrComot wants me to decide all alone as he will be ok with everything. Susah ok! It took me almost 10 mins top to decide. It is too long for a critical thinking! *sigh* In the end, Mr Tako from Japan won!!! Well, to make it worth, we bought 5 packs in one go! Oh ya, thanks to my dear for 'being' ok with only Tako for dinner. Well, I need to get off this craving first, then I can think straight :D

Oh ya..teringat pulak ada this one funny situation

Me: Me dunno lah me nak tako or dinner. You think?
MrComot: Me tak kisah. Me can eat anything.
Me: Hmmm.. you sure? You okay with tako? Me mcm craving giler but yet, tako tak kenyang sgt pun
MrComot: Then, we have it lah. Me ok. Me can have ONLY tako for dinner.
Me: Really? You sure.
MrComot: sure.

Suddenly I mcm teringat something. We never had tako together. So..

Me: Eh, you tahu ke tako ni apa? Bila masa you makan?
MrComot: tak tahu apa menda tu.
Me: Haaaaaa??? You tak tahu and you said YOU OKAY to have it ONLY, for dinner?

I was already laughing at that time! Haishhh budak ni. It's not for a snack ok, it's for dinner. So I'm quite concern la if suddenly he couldn't take it and muntah ke :P.

Btw, it turned out okay ;)

Waiting for our tako. The akak tak bagi amik gamba, she said something about policy. But teramik jugak. Sorrylaaaa, nak letak jugak kat blog ni :P

I like watching them preparing this snack. It's like...what's the word? Mesmerized? Yup, mesmerized. Apa yg mesmerize pun tak tahu lah. Anyway, that day me and Rena standing still like 20mins watching them doing it ok. Not moving at all. Ahaha scary.

We had 2 octopus, 2 prawn and 1 chicken with cheese.

Our seat.

Since it's a snack thingy, no proper place or seating provided to eat it. So, we just picked up a public seat provided by Midvalley to its customer (yg dekat tiang2 tu). It's meant for people to casually sit and resting their leg. Luckily no guard 'halau' us. It was pretty odd as we were the only couple eating there. In fact, our place right opposite of Lewre shop. So we were eating while watching this one Arab lady trying shoes. Giler lama ok. We almost finished our meal, baru dia beli one pair. Kalau tak beli tak tahu lah kan.

This is my fav. Baby octopus. Prawn pun suka jugak :D

After gobbled all the 5 packs, all my craving gone, and replaced by this i-dont-want-to-eat-tako-for-the-rest-on-my-life. Tiba-tiba macam muak ok. So, no more tako for me after this. Maybe for the next 3 months ;)


  1. takoyaki-san...kat KL kat mana jual ek? just wonder...

  2. hej! i luv takoyaki or tako ball, especially during night time on the street of tokyo...yummy...