Monday, March 3, 2008

At-tin ni waz zaitun

We went to Sunway Piramid last week to catch Jodha Akbaar (boleh tak tiba2 gila nak tgk hindustan). Well, ni sebab MrComot read in newspaper review it is a good movie la, plus it is the most expensive movie ever in Bollywood. Lagipun ada Hrithik and Aishwarya kan, so kira okaylah. The thing is, TGV Sunway Piramid is the ONLY place showing the movie that day and they only got it for 345pm show. Online booking went there so we have to rush for manual ticket. And tgh2 beratur the screens show it is FULL. Haiyoohh.

So we just jalan2, in and out most of the shops as we rarely go to SP.

During the browsing we met with this place called Marrakesh. The concept is like Marrakesh market from Morroco, all kind of food (all over the world) in one market. Hmm.. I wonder does Marrakesh (in Morroco lah) have satay? Hmm..

The entrance

The first shop caught my eyes. Fruit stall. The variety is okay but not too many choices. Just okay. I like the hanging lamps. It's sweet and harmony kan.

The sky-alike ceiling.

Instead of all-foods in a market, it also has shops that sell antics, accessories, tobacco and clothing line. So, it is more like pasar malam, but in a proper and neat shops.

We decide to dine at this place for dinner, upon the unusual and interesting name. Fig & Olive.

The glass deco. Pretty kan.

The inviting doorway.

When I read the menu, terus teringat this one ayat in Al-Quran, at-tin ni wazzaitunnnn. Buah tin dan buah zaitun which is fig and olive!

The menu is interesting too. But the food is so-so (for me), but it is reasonably priced. So kira okay lah. You can't expect much from that given price pun.

The Olive Delight. RM12.90.
I was expecting it will be swarmed with *more* olives (black and green) and finished with shredded mozarella (or mixed cheese) instead of cheddar cheese keping2 ni.

Fig, Apricot Cheese. Rm9.90.
Ada Fig, apricot, mayo, tomato paste, onion and cheese keping.

Hmm..overall it is okay. Just more like healthy food to me. But like what I said, berpadanan dengan harga. If I want more, the price should be differ right?

They also got steak, chicken, etc. But we were just too full t have heavy dinner at that time.

Btw, if you happen to be in SP, just give it a try. Their service is good.

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