Friday, March 28, 2008

Searching the soul

Tiba-tiba hari ni nak cakap pasal buku.

I think I like to read. Yup, I think. Hehehe. But, not as much as I used to. Talking about books, I never read english novel until I was in secondary school. I think because of the environment. My family is a very Malay or kampung punya family. Takde speaking2 ni. And my primary school lagi lah kan. A very small school with only 1 classroom in 1 standard which is equavalent to 25 pupils per standard. The only english book I ever have pun from the yearly anugerah matapelajaran terbaik. I still remember it, Gnome something.

My first english novel was The Best Laid Plan (Sidney Sheldon) that I borrowed from one of my dorm mate. And it turned out nice. Nice enough for me to read the other book. So I started reading and buying any Sheldon's until I completed the set. My best pieces will be Tell Me Your Dreams and Master of the Game.

Yeah I know, some of my friends said, 'you still reading Sidney Sheldon's? It's soo zaman skolah'. I don't know what they meant by it, but I take it as the level of understanding (or IQ?).

First of all, I like thriller stories. Then I like Sheldon's because it is easy for me to understand (that I don't have to open my dictionary too often), it is simple, the characters portrayed are strong (this is one of the best factor, somehow I find it inspiring to have such characters), and the storyline is interesting. At least for me. So I don't care lah zaman skolah ke apa ke, I like Sheldon's :P

My problem now is, Sheldon gone. So I don't know what to read next. I tried a few other authors but so far can't melt my heart.

Wait, I want to make a list I've read, so maybe you guys can highlight me any other author that I might try?

Stephen King - too hard and twisted. I barely can understand when I turned page 3
James Patterson - Too draggy (I read Cat and Mouse, boring ulang2 menda yg sama)
Jodi Picault - So-so, not going to be in my collection
Jeffrey Archer - OK, quite close to Sheldon, but not good enough.
Nora Robert - Ok jugak. But I need second book for justification.
John Grisham - Just reading, not sure yet the outcome.

Romance novel? A no-no for me. I used to read Danielle Steel. Ok for back then but cheesy for now ;P

Anyway, I just borrowed 3 novels from Fiena in order to find my next soulmate.

The 3 different genre

This is my first time reading a chick flick (oooppss! I never read Sophie Kinsela. Teruk kan?) and I like Jemima J! It's about an obese girl motivated to scale down the weight for a guy and later the guy turn out to be a jerk. It's light but irresistible and inspiring. I'm going to get other title from this author.

Nought and Crosses is pretty interesting. The storyline is unpredictable that make you want to read it till the end. It is about apartheid but upside down, the master is the black and the slave is the white. It's a trilogy so I'm gonna get another two from Fiena later. But I don't consider buying this as I find it disturbing.

And now I'm struggling to finish Nic Sparks (I told ya I am not into romance novel).

If you have any novel that you think will suit me, tell me ya! No romance, no emotional thingy, no draggy2, just a simple and sharp thriller ;)


  1. i dont really like romance, used to read to kill a mockingbird, and barbara cartlands but that was it... :) now i prefer investigative thriller along the lines of john grisham and dan browns... :)

    check out for my list of books

  2. best piece from sidney sheldon for me is The Other Side of Midnight