Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Silly thing he does

I was trying to log on one of the server in the office when this happen:

I was like, haaaaahhhhhhhhh apa pulakkk niiiiiii.

Then I ym him.

andes`: heyy
andes`: sjadksafhdlksfsd
andes`: betulkan my osc gateway
MrComot: eh what's wrong?
andes`: [-(
andes`: main222222222222222
MrComot: mana ada sayangggggggggggggg
MrComot: me tak fahammmmmmmm
andes`: [-(
andes`: sayang ni notti eh
andes`: me nak letak dlm blog
MrComot: sayanggg
MrComot: apa yg u nak letak dlm blog?
MrComot: me tak faham la sayang
andes`: server me kena hack
MrComot: ehhhh?
MrComot: u dah report abuse tak?
andes`: belum..about to
MrComot: nak me tolong trace tak?
andes`: me nak letak dlm blog
MrComot: hey apa yg u letak?
andes`: me nak letak osc gateway and this conversation
MrComot: !@#*&!@)#(&!@()#&)(@$
andes`: alalalala
andes`: sayang tak bagi, me tak letak la
MrComot: sayang me asyik kena hack je
MrComot: sayang byk download porno ke?
andes`: kena hack where?
andes`: u bagi tak me letak kat blog
MrComot: me dunno
MrComot: u yg ckp u kena hack
MrComot: me ok je
MrComot: are u sure u kena hack?
andes`: me nak cakap u dengki ngan me
andes`: tak kisah la u bagi ke tak
andes`: my blog is my personal journal lalalala
MrComot: :P

Bolehhh takk? Till the end he still acts like nothing happen. Then I tried to log in again. Well, it back to the 'ordinary' one.

The normal box

Well, if you know MrComot up close, he is not the romantic type. He doesn't buy me flowers, chocs, shower me with sweet words etc etc. So, whenever he does something silly like this, hmm.. I feel cute ;)

I just want to keep this as my personal remembrance.

Oh ya, he doesn't read my blog.


  1. waaaaaa.. sungguh gedikk mental la budak2 geek nih. haihhh. ohhh me dah nak muntah ni. mana baldi? :P

    YB panggil u sayang? waaaa jeless ni..hahahahah! :P

  2. Comei nya post ni ^_^

    (atau aku yg tak sihat?)

  3. Bee, yb call u lalinkkkkk ok laaahh tu. Jgn lebih2 :P

    Shani, you are in a pink mode kut ;)
    Ehemm ehemm ehemmmm

  4. I can imagine both of you goofing around. Gaduh tapi suka gittew. Heheh.