Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milk it Out

I am down with plugged milk duct and it is extremely extremely painful that I even cried a few times last night. It started at noon and by night the swell already hardened at areola area. I tried so many thing like comb my boob under the hot shower, pat it with hot towel, using coldpack to relieve the swell and cabbage. I also tried to nurse Zahra as much as I can using that infected breast and tell u what, it is really painful, that I have to clenched my teeth everytime she latches. It even painful for me to move, it's like half of my body berdenyut denyut. So, I decided to take a leave today. I wanted to go to the clinic nearby but when I woke up the throbbing sensation is toned down so I just fall back to sleep until 11am++.

Zahra is such a good baby, she knows mommy not feeling very well so she fell asleep as well next to me. Normally at this time she already has her bath and I'll play with her. But today I just shove my boobs when she slightly awake and she didn't throw any tantrums. I was just so tired and in my head all I need is sleep sleep sleep because it can make me forget the pain.

Zahra this morning
Thank you sayang, you sleep most of the time and mommy didn't play with u today.

Through my reading and infos from breasfeeding friends, plugged milk duct is easily developed and my friend already had it 3 times! Oh my..I can't imagine. So I woke up and said "That's it, I'm gonna fight you bitchhh!".

In any case you have this problem, this video will help

Only one tip I can give to you and MYSELF (because I have no gut to do it 100%), nurse nurse nurse and pump pump pump! You have to get the milk out from there no matter what.

PS:Thanks to my friends for your support to :)


  1. Salam,

    aritu me kena sampai demam, Eiman pun tak meragam. macam dia tau ibu dia sakit...
    bertuah anak-anak itu semua... amin¬

  2. ye la eyelashes Zahra panjang punya~ cantek sungguh.

    Aan~ sabar ye daling~

  3. aan,tk care,sabar.pengorbanan seorg ibu..

  4. maria tak kena mungkin sbb aqil super kuat minum..tapi bila breast dah penuh make sure pam kuar tau aan..

    p/s:bulu mata zahra mcm pakai bulu mata palsu..cantik..aunty nak pinjam blh zahra??hehe..

  5. Tatty,
    Me tak boleh imagine kalau sampai demam mcm mana. Macam ni pun dah sakit giler

    Auntie Maria and Auntie Shani, thank you! - Zahra

    Thanks..semua ni ujian

    Baby boy selalu mcm tu, dia akan minum sampai kering. Mcm Zahra ni kadang2 dia minum sebelah je, kadang2 minum sebelah pun tak abes, and me tak pam lepas tu huhu

  6. 正點喔 多謝大大無私的分享 感恩拉( ̄∀ ̄)........................................

  7. Aan, jgn mintak... seksa. sampai menggigil-gigil badan... jgn minta... heheheheh...

  8. huhu..i xpnh kena mcm ni..
    mmg sume org akn experinced milk duct ke?

    tape,i got u to refer biler i kna attack dgn milk duct 1 :)