Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Emotional Goodbye

My mom has been taking care of me and Zahra for the whole of my confinement period, and it means a lot to me. I don't know how should I write about it, because I rarely talk about my family in this blog, but I guess I can make an exception for this occasion, so that one day when I be a grandma, I can flip back and see if I can do the same.

Having my mom around is a big blessing for me as a first time parent. She boils hot water for my bath - every morning and evening, cook my lunch and dinner, wash Zahra's poop, bathe her, carry her most of the time so that I can get enough rest, burped Zahra (because I'm suck at this, I have no patience to hold upright for a long time), prepare my place to bf Zahra (give me pillow, take this, take that), sing to Zahra, stay up late to calm Zahra when she's throwing tantrums, pound the tumeric every morning for me to drink, pound coarse salt + turmeric for my bengkung session, etc etc.

Not only about me and Zahra. She's also wash our clothes (mine n MrComot using the washing machine, and Zahra's by hand), fold it, cook for MrComot as well, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, sweep the porch, wash my bathroom, help to entertain my friends when they come visit, every little thing. I don't think I can write them all. It's much to list.

So you can conclude that my confinement is kinda a very laid-back and relax one. All I do is attend Zahra for her feed, especially during the night as I sleep with her.

Yesterday was my mom's last day here, leaving me with everything, doing it alone. It is a bit tiring but not that bad because Zahra already behaving. But that's not my point, not about how I cope with the situation. My mom cried when she gave her goodbye to Zahra. I didn't blame her for being so emotional, because after all the thing she has done, I know there is a thick bonding between her and Zahra. People said first grandchild is like the youngest child to a grandparent.

The most important thing, she cares Zahra just as much as she cares about me. Even though when she's not in the perfect health or exhausted, she will always give the extra hand, so that I don't have to stress myself.

Just one thing I wonder, I don't know if I can do the same when Zahra gives birth to her first child. My mom is one of a kind. So thank you mom, sorry I didn't say it directly to you when you walk out from the house, because you were crying and I'm afraid I'll cry as well. And I still didn't say it yesterday when I called you up, because again you cried when we talked about Zahra. I know you miss Zahra so much. InsyaAllah I'll try to balik kampung as much as I can. I can only thank you in this space, and thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother.

I have to end this entry abruptly as it will become too emotional to me. However this remind me of Aris Ariwatan's song - SATU

Satu, kasih nan abadi, tiada tandingi, DIA yang satu
Dua, sayang berpanjangan, membawa ke syurga, kasihnya ibu
Tiga, lapar dan dahaga, rela berpayahan, setianya ayah
Empat, mudah kau ketemu, berhati selalu, beza antara kasih dan kekasih

Yup, kasih ibu never cease till heaven.


  1. Salam,

    1 word... JELESSSSSSSSSS

    wish my mum can do that.
    "dia dok jaga anak orang kat klinik dia sampai dia pun naik 'cemuih' dengan cucu dia ni... " <= ayat nak sedapkan my hati from my MIL.

  2. i berlinang air mata baca ur entry ni..
    tibe2 teringat mak saya kt kg and of course she will do the same to me.betol,kasih ibu memang berpjangan...sampai bile2..

  3. i berlinang air mata baca ur entry ni..
    tibe2 teringat mak saya kt kg and of course she will do the same to me.betol,kasih ibu memang berpjangan...sampai bile2..

  4. owhhh.. lucky u..
    i plak, my mom suh dok dendiam, tapi i tak puas hati, takleh buat laundry!!!! i sume nak cepat, jalan pun takde cover2.. sampai org dtg rumah pun pelik.. ni pantang ke tak ni.. hehehehe

  5. owhh..i miss makcik comel jugak. now tade dah org nak tanya me so banyak2 thgs about my wedding..sobs.

    anyways,hope my mom will do the same thing when my time comes later.

  6. maria pulak time confinement 3 hari dgn mak n the rest mak mertua jaga...mak mertua maria jaga maria mcm mak maria sendiri..kdg2 mcm segan gak..oh kita sungguh bertuah kan...i luv my mak n my mama..mereka superb buat sy..n betulla aan..kdg2 terfikir nnt bila aqil dah kahwin sy rs mcm tak dpt buat mcmn mak n mama buat..jg maria smp maria tak pyh buat apa2 kecuali jg diri n bg aqil minum..oh hrp dpt menjadi ibu/mentua yg baik nnt..;)

  7. I wonder if we can do the same to them when need us to do so someday~

  8. Tatty,
    I think betul tu, lagipun ur mom working mom,character dia lain sket, independent :)

    Yup..memang tak terbalas dengan duit kita bagi. Sebab tu syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu kan..

    Hehe tu la..I lasak jugak sometimes, but my mom selalu marah, so ikut je jugak haha

  9. Bee,
    Haha hopefully u tak annoyed with her, that's just..HER!

    Untung kan dapat mak mertua mcm tu. Hopefully we can be like them too

    Cik Kopi,
    Only time can tell. Kalau ikut perangai skrg, mmg me cant be like that la huhuhu