Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Happy After I Poop

I still remember how frustrated I was on the early days taking care of Zahra and where we keep on telling ourselves, worry not, this will be over soon, Zahra won't be this cranky after 2 weeks.

And true enough, she's gotten into a pattern lately that's..hmm not easy, but convenient. Kadang2 macam rindu the time when we were clueless but tanakkkkk.. Nanti nak masuk keja mesti penat.

Anyway this is basically her pattern now

Morning, wakes up around 6-7am, doesn't cry just bunyi sikit2 and keep on hitting the bed with her hands. Since I sleep with her, I'll feel the bounce and also terjaga. This time she only need a small drink, maybe just thirsty not hungry, so I just bf her while lying. She will poop, and I won't change the diaper because we are going to wake up soon (pemalas punya mak). Around 9-10 we will wake up, main-main kejap, Zahra poops again (by this time her pampers dah berat gila ok, berladung-ladung kata orang tua), get a bath and then I feed her fully, then she'll sleep until around 2pm in buaian.

Between that time I do my own stuff, like taking shower, have lunch, watch movie, browsing, etc. Then at 2pm she'll bangun just need another small feed, so I feed her while lying and she will back fall asleep but on the bed. Normally I pun tertido with her at this time (BF PENAT TAU! haha tiba2). Then both wake up at 5pm, main-main, borak-borak with her and she'll have her bath after that. Then as usual she wants to drink after mandi, so bf her and will tertido until around 8pm. I'll have my dinner during she sleeps.

She'll terjaga around 8-9pm, I'll feed her fully while watching Chuck with MrComot (that has become 'our time' now) and she'll fall asleep like for real and I'll put her in the room. I'll change her diaper at 12am before I go to bed, even if she doesn't make any job and if she's really sleepy, dia tido ok while I change her, ish ish. Normally she sleeps until around 3am, merengek sikit and I feed her while sleeping, that's it and the schedule repeat, at 7am.

I didn't make up the routine by the way, I always feed her by demand but somehow it develops into that 'time-table' and I would say it is an convenient time-table for me.

(There will be some occasions where she refused to sleep, nak burp la, nak orang hold la, berak banyak kali la..but it won't take long. She's such a good baby)

Zahra will make faces and sounds when she wants to poop, it varies, sometimes she makes mulut ikan (Shani have seen this!), sometimes dia jentat-jentat kaki with frowning, and sometimes she will rub her face real hard. And the thing is she will give those signals like 1-1/2 hour before, so it's like she's taking quite long time to poop like she's having constipation but the outcome is very cair. According to the doc, infant's colon is not fully developed so somehow they still have to push.

And this is the face right after she poops this morning (finally I get to capture it) and also muka tak mandi ha ha ha. Very happy macam puas sangat! LOL

Sambil senyum senyum she will have her baby talk with me. Waa...I'm gonna miss all this by next week *sigh*

And no more bangun pukul 10am. Ohhh tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


  1. senang kan bf ni.x pyah nk bangun2 buat susu.i'll di the same,bila my turn nanti.Insyaallah..

    waa...dah nk masuk opis.

  2. senang kan bf ni.x pyah nk bangun2 buat susu.i'll di the same,bila my turn nanti.Insyaallah..

    waa...dah nk masuk opis.

  3. aiyayaya da nak start keja dah! so soon!

  4. muka zehra gumbira tuee... jangan nakal2 yer sian mommy.... tak g ngurut lagi ker?

  5. Salam,

    Love those cat eyes! Rasa nak pinjam jer...

  6. aqil pun kdg2 time nak poo poo die buat muka mcm meneran..;)

  7. Sara,
    A'ah senang..alhamdulillah Zahra nak direct, risau gak awal2 kan ada crisis tak cukup susu

    Hehehe..tu fast kan. Bencinyaaaaa

    Pegi nanti dekat 100 hari, lagi sebulan :D

    Hopefully besar pun comel, bukan comot mcm mak dia hehe

    Tu la..funny kan..and mcm best sbb kita dah boleh teka apa la derang nak buat, rasa mcm terer sgt haha