Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Klinik Komuniti

I want to write about my first experience with government clinic specialized for mommy and children. I heard so many good rumour about this Klinik Ibu dan Anak like they know how to handle babies better, they check on mommy's health as well, etc, so we skipped the panel clinic and made an appointment with Klinik Komuniti Ibu dan Anak Kg Melayu Subang (it depends on which area you live) for Zahra's first jab.

Our appointment was at 2pm and we arrived around 1.45pm, punched the number and there were already 20 people ahead us waiting. This clinic is one of the new branches but it's kinda shabby, maybe it's the way government operate.

People waiting

This is a breasfeeding friendly clinic so there is a sign written that we are not allowed to bring bottle inside. If you have to bf ur child, there is a bf room.

I don't remember what time our number being called but the process is very..hmm..long and tedious.

First they call up my name and I have to weight myself and tell the nurse how much, then I have to bring Zahra to a room next by to weight and measure her. During the weighing, Zahra has to be naked, like totally, without the diaper and all. Dah la dia berakkkk time tu, so has to wash in front of the nurses (luckily I brought the baby wipes and extra pampers). After that I have to put my card/the document in the basket in front of room #6 which is like at the other side of the area, not that far, only mengagau jugak la cari. Then wait for my name to be called again, and they took my blood sample, and I have to send the sample to the blood lab. Then the lab gave me a plastic cup for me to urinate, and after they test on the sample, call out my name, I have to take back the cup and throw the urine in the toilet, wash the cup and bring it back to the counter for them to reuse. I was like...???!?!?. In fact I saw a mommy just throw the cup inside the thrash bin in the toilet. Now why I didn't that..haiiihhh

After that, I have to bring my blood and urine result back to room #3 and wait, then they call up, I went in with Zahra and there is a nurse waiting for me, and DO NOTHING. Just chatting, asking me questions like how's Zahra, bf or not, and other cakap kosong, it is like they are stalling the situation, just imagine until Zahra gets cranky and wants to drink, and I have to bf in front of the nurses. My theory is, they want to see if I really bf Zahra or not because the nurse jot down something about me bf Zahra. Weird kan? Then she requests me to call up MrComot to take Zahra to other room for injection and me have to wait in the room for mommy's checkup. At this point I was very excited already, because I was thinking, finally! They can check my womb ok ke tak (this is before I went to see the tukang urut).

And you know what, all she asked me to do was, lie down, then she press2 my womb area and said everything is fine. That's it? That's it? I mean, I was hoping there is a machine with monitor that can SCAN my womb/stomach and whatnot.

And for the blood test, all they check is my hemoglobin level. Laaa...

After that, I walked out from the room and saw MrComot holding Zahra. The injection is done! Without me! And the camera was with me! Laaaa.... again!

Can you see how tedious it is? Especially the urine part. And the result? I mean, apa je I get? I thought check gempak2 la..

Mini playground for kids

Me playing with Zahra as she starting to ngek-ngek-ngek. (Auntie Rena, that's ur hooded blanket she's wearing!)
There is inside joke about this during my confinement where people around me FORCING me to feed Zahra with water.

The outside counter to weigh mommies

We finished everything around 4pm, not too bad for a government clinic but I think this will be our last time there. Since they only open on weekdays, we have to take leave and all. We can't afford the time yet. The second jab was done at private clinic near my house and only took us 30mins.

Again, I'm not complaining about the time sangat, I was disappointed on the checking part. I thought there will more than that. And also the fact that I have to do everything! Take my result give it to that counter, take this take that, give this give that. It is soo unsystematic. Thank God my mom accompany us. My mom helped to to carry Zahra all the time, thanks mommy *sobs*. If I was alone (even with MrComot still not enough), I can pengsan ok! Have to walk here and there and I am only 30 days after giving birth, not that strong. That day jalan sikit pun dah rasa penat sangat.

The only plus point is, it is FOC.


  1. Salam,

    welcome to the gomen world... :P

    even me, ditemani my mom, a sister that time, nak pi enjek Ewan setahun pun kena tunggu dekat sejam, OK.

    benda bodoh, macam bagi buku, catit nama, masuk bilik, enjek pun berjam gitu... dah la time tu me berdua jer balik Melaka dengan Ewan...

    camner lah para Ibu tunggal tu hadapi hari-hari ye? demmm... I am weak!

  2. i gi gomen clinic utk checkup. but only for pregnancy la.. - gagah lagi.. private utk scan etc..

    tp kalau nak check up baby, sanggup gi private je la.. tak koser nak berasak2 dgn baby.. hubby pun penah tgk n komen psl timbang baby tu.. takleh plus minus ke baju budak, diaper budak tu.. haha

  3. entah apa-apa system hospital gomen ni. Apa yg birokrasi sangat entah, I do hope TS Idris Jala can make a change with the KPI project.

    Zahra, aunty Shani tgh lepak kat balkoni menikmati pemandangan laut ni~

  4. Tatty,
    Exactly! I was thinking about single mom because I seen a few datang sorang2 je. Demmm I'm weak too!

    Tu la..plus minus 100g ke. Me try sebab org cakap bagus kan..indah khabar dari rupa huhuhu

    Tu la pasal. We already very IT now (apa punya ayat la ni) tapi system still lama. It's like we can use machine to bajak sawah but still prefer to use kerbau, so how?

    Wahhh Zahra nak pegi Langkawi jugakkkk!

  5. pasni mesti tobat takmo masuk agi kan.. hehehe

  6. setuju..at least bg pakai pampers kan..mcm that day maria p aqil pun berak jugak..nasib baik sikit..kalau tak dah jenuh nak bersihkan dia dpn nurse..p private senang je..tp extra $$..;)

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  9. Hi Anonymous,

    What details do you need? Please email me at aan.andes@gmail.com

  10. Assalamualaikum.
    Dear writer,
    I chanced upon this blog when i was doing my research for community clinic for my report-writing.

    As part of my work, I visited the whole healthcare system; starting from the ministry, down to the very bottom of the chain - community clinics.

    While you may have the luxury to choose, many others have to heavily rely on the so-called FOC services they offer. Though the system is a long way from perfect, it serves its purpose, doesn't it?

    The burden of a health worker is big. Not only do they have to rely on the limited resources they get, they also have to face million and one kind of behaviors. While you may be only there for 2 to 4 hours, they are there all the time. Some extended their service well beyond their call of duties. So do cut them some slack for they are only human, wanting to socialize.

    With that, word of advice, bersyukurlah it is there for you to complain. If for you it is a nuisance, for others it is a life-saver.

  11. Hi Fifi,

    If you read again, I'm not complaining on the staff. I'm not even complaining I think, I just surprised and frustrated with the system. Government has been running this community service for so long and yet? Takde duit ke takde budget ke I don't know. We still at the same old level.

  12. Oh oh sorry again, it may serves its purpose, but at a very basic level? What if you ada sakit ke apa ke? Kesian ok!! I wrote this because I still remember when I was there 1 month after deliver, can you imagine how weak I was? So I was thinking the same about other mommies. They are weak too and poor them because have no choice, HAVE TO BEAR WITH WEAK SYSTEM. Even though it's free, doesn't mean you can give the services at the lowest.

    And on the nurses..I'm sorry..I'm not insensitive enough. I was just thinking about me and other patients. Yeah, I guess derang pun penat and all. Hmm I do like the nurses actually! They are so baik and soft. But wont change the stories la..the entry based on my feeling that time ;)

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