Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Since my confinement is almost over (it supposed to be over after 40/44 days right? but I count it as 60 days la), I'm gonna write my experience about it.

As in my entry before, I booked a CL from Shadira Post Natal. I only book her for 3 days to try it out. According to the schedule given, the CL should attend me from 8am to 4pm, which will include taking care of me and baby.

The first day she came, she told me that she won't stay until 4pm, she will off duty after everything is taken care of . I said ok la..if there is nothing else to do, why she should stick on kan. We start with tungku, then urut for about one hour (I have to take my bath before that), infrared therapy, and binding for me. Then she bathe Zahra, pakai kan baju cantik2 and that's it, by 1pm everything is finished. About cooking, I skipped it as my mom is here so she cooks.

This continue until 3 days and I add-on another 7 days (this one not under Shadira, I deal straight with the akak) because my mom said 3-days urut is not enough.

Ok talk about the urut, I don't know much about urut actually, at first I thought it is only to release your stress, lembut kan urat etc etc. But eventually it's more than that. The main purpose is to kecutkan your womb (tungku part) and then push it back to the its place (after we deliver the womb will be down there sebab push and baby keluar kan).

So okla..akak ni urut muscle back to relax state and all the strained urat is soft already. But a week after that, I still feel uncomfortable down there, it's like something heavy at my vagina and I always have back pain even though I bent like 2 seconds only to pick up Zahra. The back pain I tak concern sgt, I am more concern about the heavy feeling. My mom cakap it is an indicator of my womb is not okay - 100%.

But but but note this, akak tu cakap, my womb healed 100% and already pushed back (which we call it sengkak).

So I decided to call up the fully-book-tukang-urut until April and mengadu about this, hoping she have the time to fit me in. Oh by the way akak ni di recommend kan oleh a mother of 3. So time tu gamble je la, I hope she's good.

And alhamdulillah, I think I went to the right person. According to this akak (Kak Ain), my womb is tilting a bit on the right side, maybe I lifted something tad heavier on that side and to my surprised, she told me that my womb is not 100% shrunk. Can you believe that? I mean, it has been 40 days that time and tak kecut, tapi akak Shadira tu cakap dah kecut on my 20th day. Eeii no wonder la I feel tak sedap badan. So Kak Ain requested me to drink air kunyit (you pound it until you get the juice) for a few days and come back to see her after a week. Nothing much she can do with my swollen womb.

Exactly after a week, I went to see Kak Ain again and alhamdulillah, my womb totally shrunk and she sets it back to the centre. Originally I plan to urut with her for 3 days straight, but on the 2nd day she told me I am okay already. So no need to see her on the 3rd day (see how honest she is?) She only requested me to go for final urut on the 100th day (this is kinda common before you 'bersama' with your hubby).

Oh ya, Kak Ain also told me the other reason my womb wobbled to the right is because I didn't wear bengkung. Yup, I tak pakai sebab I was so obsessed with my breasfeeding progress and I rasa bengkung ni leceh, have to buka everytime I want to feed Zahra, and I thought it's only to make you all ramping and nice, nothing else. Apparently the main reason is to set your womb so move around. Oh my...if only the CL told me that. Not that I complained tau, but the CL skit2 cakap..u kena pakai bengkung ni, baru la cantik. As if I care if I am all flabby and hideous, I want to bf Zahra as much as I can!

After I urut ngan Kak Ain baru I tahu the different. The way the CL urut is memang mcm urut SPA saja only harder. She didn't even touch my private part, pelvic bone and butt bone. Dia banyak urut tapak kaki and all the strained muscles whilst Kak Ain byk focus at my pelvic bone and the womb area. So you can tell immediately that the CL doesn't know well about the peranakan.

Now I feel better and no more heavy-thing-down-there. And no backache whenever I bent and I feel lighter, I can move around and doing house chore a bit. Before this rasa macam orang sakit je.

Hmm that's quite a story right? I pun tak tahu nak convey this experience mcm mana. But there is a few things that I learnt here and I would like to share with you guys.

1) Find a good traditional masseur specifically for after giving birth (orang Melayu panggil tukang urut untuk peranakan). This is kinda hard and tricky but if you try a few you can tell the difference. Then after your womb is settled, nak pegi SPA ke, nak mandi bunga ke, suka hati la kan..yg penting the inside first.
2) Eat your jamu religiously as this will help the shrink process. I started my jamu quite late because I was worried it will affect Zahra. Well, if you bf ur baby, you can try a bit later, but don't be too late mcm I, 2 weeks after that. Sebab I malas sama hehe.. Oh ya, breastfeeding also help to kecutkan your womb but watch out what you as well, as the food can counter it back.
3) If you pandai tungku, tungku will help to kecutkan your womb faster
4) You can also try to drink the turmeric juice but don't take it too much - side effect: menopause
5) Wear your bengkung!! Not only to slim up the waist, but to make sure your womb won't wobbly much. This is the most important thing. Kak Ain also advice me to wear girdle after this so that pegi kerja angkat laptop semua tak effect sgt. I don't have any yet, but I already ordered one from Spanx yeay! Nanti dah pakai I review ok (hehe kalau rajin)

Hmmm what else ya?

Oh ya, my conclusion is, the package I took from Shadira is a waste (this is based on my experience la kan) but at least I learnt something here, right? No no no it's not a waste sangat pun because I gained knowledge from it. And maybe I'm just unlucky to get not-so-good CL but I feel angry because akak CL tu beria-ia UP KAN HERSELF as if she's really good in this stuff but when actually she's not! So frustrated..

Ps: Kak Ain also can urut for people whom trying to get children (anak tu rezeki Tuhan bagi), urut baby in any case ada urat salah ke and keep on crying..and what else ya? I think anything about peranakan la. Just email me if you want her number. Dia tak letak harga, u can give seikhlas hati.

Ps: If you are a first time mom and no other orang to teman u during confinement, Shadira is a good choice as the CL can help you a lot actually, only that better you amik tukang urut traditional lain jugak untuk diri sendiri. And normally tukang urut mcm ni you have to go to their house and no other service (jaga baby or whatever).


  1. lalink...kat mana umah kak ain? nanti fwd me the number ea. me tak sempat berurut ms kat kg. me asyik tak sihat je lately. nak recharge my body juga ler..

  2. berapa shadira charge for the confinement tuh??

    Ha ah, biasa kalau perut rada x sedap, kerap kencing, pastu pinggang kerap sakit tandanya ada problem dgn rahim..

  3. ooo bagusnya kak ain tu boleh tlg tgkkan sekali badan kita..maria tak pakai bengkung pun...huhu..tak taula badan dalaman ni ok ke tak..nk kena cari kak ain kat kl..jauhnya...huhuu..

  4. Lalink Khairiah,
    Rumah dia kat Shah Alam seksyen 27, nnt me fwd no

    Senarai harga ada kat sini ( Haa Kak Ain tu cakap mcm tu la..kalau sakit2 tu means rahim tak duk elok2 kat tempat dia

    Harap2 ok la..tak semua org womb dia bergerak kan. Me rasa kat Kedah pun banyak tau, tapi kena tanya2 orang la

  5. waaa thanks for the review..sape name CL tu?ley nnt i request taknak die..xley rely sgt diorang nie..takut le sengkak2 nie..aduiii
    huhu kak ain tu kat sec27??my PIL duk sane la maybe diorang kenal..haha

  6. Zahra, come help aunty pening mahu pengsan~

    Mak saya selalu pesan, bila berpantang kena ikut cara orang lama, kalau tak akan effect kita bila dah tua kelak.

  7. Salam,

    A BIG NO NO to Shadira. my pengalaman sungguh tak syok!

    nasib baik my makcik urut ada. now dah better!

    cuma until now, me masih pakai corset untuk kecikkan pewot. it works even in a very-very slow progression.

  8. Nadya,
    Nanti I email u

    Yup orang tua ni pantang mmg untuk kebaikan tapi sbb kita ni kan kononnya generasi moden, nak jugak explanation whilst they cant provide it, tu yg mcm malas2 tu ish ish

    Hehe..ur exp lagi dahsyat than me. Me pun nak pakai la girdle tu, berat turun bukan main tapi tetap kebesaran di tempat itu. And me nak try la makcik urut u pulak..before masuk keja, saja2 hehehe

  9. lalink, me pun nak la no kak ain tu nak cek my womb lagi skali. me dah pegi few macik urut tp semua ckp lain2 *pening* since u nye experience ngn kak ain tu mcm boleh dipercayai me nak try la ngan dia pulak. *bagus la marketing u :)*

  10. hi there..if u dont mind boleh tak nanti yr foward me contact no k.ain ni..
    so e'day dia dtg/balik kena pickup or dia dtg sendiri...
    thanks dear...
    i tgh survey2 makcik urut

  11. Hi DD,
    Can you give me ur email? Ur profile is off. Or you can email me at

  12. hi Aan, boleh tak forward kak ain's number? please?

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  14. hi sis,

    erm tertarikh dengan info pasal tumeric tu?

    heard from nona (program aired on tv3) that zila something (the artist) memang minum untuk dapat kulit yang cantik gitu. baru teringat nak amalkan.

    tapi, since sis cakap jangan berlebihan, nanti menapouse, takut la pulak. sebab sy belum kahwin lagi.

    so my question, how much is not too much to be taken daily? sebab macam terpengaruh gile dengan tips zila tu..

  15. Ho Rowena, I pun pernah dengar pasal tips tu but honestly, I don't know how much can be taken daily. Daun inai pun sama, they say rebus and minum, can make u awet muda, and at the same time ada study shows that daun inai is traditionally used to jarakkan anak (for sensitive people can mandulkan u). So the key word here should be moderation ;) Even for normal food ;)

  16. Salam,

    Boleh email kan no Kak Ain jugak tak? Tengah mencari makcik urut jugak ni. Terima kasih yer..


  17. Hi aan,
    I nk no k.ain tu blh?

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