Monday, March 29, 2010

New Chef On The Block

Since the plugged duct incident, MrComot has been very attentive, I don't have to do most of the job, except taking care of Zahra. He even cook dinner for us! The first night he made nasi goreng caca-merba and it's really delicious even without chili boh, then the night after he made macaroni goreng, and the 3rd night, he cooked so-called-his-signature, microwaved chicken wings.

The nasi goreng ikan bilis + peas + corn + crab stick + minced meat

The microwaved chicken wings. Best eaten with hot fluffy rice and simple vege. I don't really know the recipe, but it's something cross over oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper.

Forgot to snap the fried macaroni, sebab lapar sangat hehe

That was on weekends and after that we had dinner at MIL like usual and sometimes just buy it over, can't afford to mess up with the kitchen. But last night he insisted to cook again, without me helping at all.

"It's going to be my secret recipe, no peeking ok!"

Even though I was so itchy to help (because I think he cooks slower than me, coz he is more proper and neat!) but macam best pulak bermalas-malasan. I just stay in the room accompanying Zahra sleeping.

Around 9PM, he knocked the door and said everything is ready!

Siap ada a glass of cold choc milk for me nyam nyam (something that I treasure after confinement - cold drinks!)

It's baked prawn pasta!

While eating he told me what is it - sautee prawn lightly with garlic (slightly raw), then add chopped onion, capsicum, oregano, add celery and baked in the oven so that the juice from the prawn will coat the pasta..bla bla bla

I was like, eh eh eh macam pernah dengar je cara masak ni?

It was on AFC campaign break okkk! Hahaha.. Secret la sangat! Only that they use tomatoes instead of capsicum. But the prawn is really juicy and bouncy and succulent! You should try this method. And maybe can toss some mussels and squid. Yum yum yum!

Dig till bottom, a bit leftover, I brought to office for my breakfast.

Even though he said no peeking, I sneekily capture this pic for my keepsake. MrComot is deveining the prawn.

Not only he cook for me last night, he also iron my working shirt ok. Tenkiuuuuuu baby! I feel a bit guilty actually but he said "I love to do it for you, kerja sayang jaga Zahra saja ok". Hahaha..Zahra mommy love you! Because of you la daddy being extra generous *hugs*


  1. awwww...YB is sweeter person than i thot he is. u're so lucky la lalink, not many hubbies yg would sacrifice their time & energy for their loved ones to that extent u know. wish both of u kekal lovey dovey smpai syurga okehhh :)

  2. wah bestnya..maria mkn bungkus je..tak sempat masak n mkn srg2 sbb cik suami kerja mlm..tak besh..apepun mr comot romantik..;)

  3. waaa nak beranak laa.. :P (oppss.. bila pula aku berkahwin)

  4. Bee, wish u the same with ur MrVamp :P I think the new generation dah macam ni, byk help wife, but it should be the way because both working kan

    Better bungkus so that you can have more time to play with Aqil! Aqil jangan notti2 bila malam ok, bagi mommy rest :)

    Kannnnnn hahaha. When the time comes, enjoy it k :D

  5. em aan aqil skrg ni pukul 11 pun mata dia dok terbuka luas lagi..dekat pukul 12 baru nak lena..mak dia ni pukul 10 pun mata dah macam tak boleh bukak..huuhu..