Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am very exhausted this few days. The new time-table really drained my energy till end. Even though Zahra is behaving, I still find myself don't have enough rest.

After the maternity leave, we start our day very early. No more 9AM morning for us. After Subuh, I have to prepare Zahra's milk berapa-berapa oz in 4 bottles, then feed her a bit in her sleep while waiting for MrComot finish his shower. Then my turn to take shower, MrComot will cut apples for me, prepare my choc milk, dries up my breastpump and pack it, etc. Then after I dressed up, I will wake Zahra up, tickle her a bit here and there, change the diapers and we are good to go - averagely at 730am.

Stuck in jam for like 1 hour no matter which road we take, Zahra will be on my lap all the way instead of in the carseat because I want her to manja2 with me..she will latch on me even though she's already full to the brim. Then reach babysitter around 845am, play with her for a while and then off to the office.

Then after office, pick her up, again she'll be on my lap and latch, stuck in jam for another 1 hour plus, reach my MIL's or my house around 745pm.

At home, I'll play with Zahra a bit then feed her until she falls asleep, then pack her stuff siap-siap in the bag for tomorrow, have the 'me time' with MrComot watching Big Bang or Chuck (almost finish! Tgh dload V and psych pulak), occasionally MrComot will do some work, reply emails, etc. Then I pump the milk at 12am and sleep.

Basically that's our routine now. Simple kan. But I still feel tired to the max! In fact this week I didn't manage to stay awake until 12am, I just simply doze off while feeding Zahra! MrComot woke me up for my Isya' last night at 12 and I was tooo sleepy that I straightly sleep after prayer without pumping and akibatnya, I was awake at 3am because my boobs too full and already sakit.

MrComot told me that I snored and tell you what, I only snore when I'm tired. I even drooled ok! Bangun-bangun basah je my sleeve. OMG..I don't know why I'm so exhausted. I think I need to take Pharmaton or something like that lah..

On a ceria mood, this is Zahra this morning when I woke her up. She's about 3 months now and she will smile everytime I wake her. EVERYTIME ok. Comelnyaaa sayang mummmyy! Ok ok a bit over la pulak. But you know the feeling... when that person give you the sweetest and most sincere smile whenever they open their eyes. It melts your heart and gives you the warmth feeling down to your spine (it also bring me to tears on the early days!)

Senyum senyum lepas kena kejut

Something that we always forget to do. Bila dah besar-besar ni, instead of senyum, muka masam, grumpy, cranky and marah when people kejutkan kita, kononnya kacau tidur hahahaha. A note to myself, I will pose the sweetest smile when MrComot wakes me up after this gagagagaga

Hubby playing with Zahra before off to work. Ketawa mengekek-ngekek budak tu.

She can laugh already so we have to find the spot - mostly armpit, neck and chest area. Sometimes we didn't manage to hit the spot but still, she will nganga-nganga like trying to be there, you know, like orgasm tak sampai haha

We make it a habit to play with her before and after work, even though I am tempted to put her to sleep so that we can rest, because kesian ok kalau tak main ngan dia. After all that's the only time we have to spend with her, so it's better be good.

It's true when they said, hilang penat balik kerja bila tengok anak. But still, I need more rest!! How I wish we only work 4 days a week. Lepas tu mintak 3 hari pulak, pastu terus tak kerja ha ha ha. No I wish we have shorter working time, so that we can spend more time with her.


  1. Salam,

    samalah. me minum kopi lah, mandi air sejuk giler lah, tido awal lah...
    still penat n ngantuk.

    lepas ni nak try patch kaki buang toksid plak...

  2. orgasm tak jadi ye? ;p

    comel la zahra ni, manis senyumannya~ :)

  3. suka muka zahra senyum. like "assalammualaikum mummy. hi mummy. morning mummy". ihiks..

    zahra comel..zahra comel..nanti kite jumpe lagi ea.

  4. Tatty,
    Me think it's a phase kut rasa penat sangat. Lagipun exclusive bf/ebm mmg penat sket my mom cakap. Memang kena amik supplement ni

    Cik Kopi,
    Jangan guna ayat tu sebarangan ye haha.. me main petik je pakai :P

    Lalink Khairiah,
    Tu la..pagi2 greet dia morning Zahra, assalamualaikum little tott

  5. yelah..maria pn pukul 10 mata dah berat..ada 1 malam tu aqil tak mau tido..dia dok berleter srg sambil main dgn tgn die smp pukul 12.30..n maria dah tetido sebelah die..terjaga pukul 12.30 tu bagi aqil minum n tido..dah takda schedule pam pukul 12 tgh mlm sbb dah terlalu penat..

  6. 9 pm is my bed time these days..
    kdg2 je sampai midnite. lagi2 hubby takde, mmg takdelah nak kluar2.. nak stay up ke..

    hehe zahra smiley baby jugak ke? my maryam pun gitu.. her mood is at its best is in the morning.. sgt2 comel, bgn2 je, ngeeee.. giving me a big smile..

  7. m@ri@,
    Kann..penat sangat. Me pun banyak kali tertido dia main sorang2. Nasib baik belum boleh golek, kalau tak bahaya betul.

    A'ah Zahra is a smiley baby (me think :P) especially pagi2..ceria sangat. Kalau balik petang dah tanak main sgt. Bila dia senyum rasa dihargai sangat kan :)