Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planning and pening

Ohh how I miss my blog..but I've been very very very busy. Hmm not that busy actually but I can't really put myself to write. So many things in my head already.

Anyway the latest news will be Zahra nak kena sunat esok!!! Hmm takot ok. I dunno..this is my first time handling such situation and macam seriau sket orang utara cakap. Will she feels any pain? How much the doc going to cut? Hmm hopefully everything turn out good. Pray for her will ya?

And I'm planning Zahra's majlis kesyukuran on 2nd of May. It's not aqiqah but only more to makan2 thingy for family and friends to celebrate the newborn, at our house. Also not going to do the cukur jambul. Just makan2 and chill out :D It's going to be lunchtime. All are invited. To my friends yg dekat KL nanti I invite personally ok..but in any case I miss out, just beep me and jangan berkecil hati, manusia kan pelupa :) I'll give you the invite.

By the way, we only plan it in our head but still no action. Alang-alang ranting, I just jot down here so maybe can help me pushing myself to do it hehe

1) Catering - Decided but not confirmed yet. No payment made yet.
2) Canopy - Tak ada lagi!
3) Favours - On the way. Something really2 sweet. Nanti I post up
4) House - no deco, only need to borrow the carpets from aunty..going to do it on 1st May
5) Baju Zahra - Pakai apa yang ada je boleh? I don't think I have the time to find nice dress for her.
6) Baju mommy and daddy - Baju kurung and baju melayu yg sedia ada. But it's so buruk already and tak ikut tema. Worst come to worst we pakai baju nikah boleh? Hmm..
7) Finger food - ordered from MamaFami
8) Invites - Belum jemput anybody formally, even the family! Gotta do this fast!
9) Table and bekas makan for side dishes - Tak beli/fikir lagi
10) Flowers - On Saturday I cari kut. Worst come to worst no flower la huhuhu

Hmm what else? Tell me eh kalau ada apa2 I need to add.

And looking at the list, OMG I only siap 2 out of 10. Dah la yg penting2 macam catering ngan canopy tak book lagi. Ok by today I must take out few items from the list. MUST!!!


  1. Salam,

    bunga nak buat apa?
    bekas makan utk side dishes pakai yang pakai buang. tak susah basuh.

  2. Tatty, bunga nak hias hahaha..tak penting yg tu..mengada je lebih. Haa good good..side dishes pakai yg polisterin tu je kan. Tapi still need tupperware besar or dulang nak letak the food. Dah la umah kami ala2 takde pinggan mangkuk hmmm

  3. sunat? kat ner..? i ingat nak wat kat annur.. tp tak buat2 lg.. hmm takut sebenarnya..

  4. MariHafiz, sunat kat Tropicana, dengan o&g yg sambut Zahra dulu. Me dengar Annur pun ramai buat kat situ but too far for me

  5. Bunga utk hias, bley g kat area sunway damansara tu, ada satu kedai opposite the strand, sblh kanan, dia jual fresh fruits n fresh flowers. Ari tu aku pon ingt nk beli tp bz memasak.. hahahaha

  6. wah dah nak good gurl ye..cepat2 cari catering dgn kanopi..;)

  7. Fiena,
    Ohh I know that place. Kedai pakcik cina tu kan. Used to buy fruits from him masa preggy hehehe. Nnt I check it out.

    Lalink Khairiah,
    Macam fahammm je senyuman besar tu hehehe. Tolong amik gamba boleh? But you use for ur project la ;)

    Hehe thanks auntie! Zahra promise try not to cry! And not to trauma! (hahhh kalau trauma yg letih ni)

  8. semoga baby zahra x nangis.good girl tau!i penah tgok ank saudara sunat.girl.sikit je dia 'potong'..

    selamat buat kenduri ye aan... :)

  9. wahhh..boleh tak me nak tumpang takut for Zahra.

    since Aunty Bee takleh jumpa Zahra at the wedding, mommy, sila hug & kiss Zahra for me. be good girl ok :)

    me hope all goes well for the event. now pls pray the same for mine *aci tak :P*

  10. Sara,
    Thanks auntie Sara --> Zahra.
    Dah sunat and everything went well.

    Kannnnn hahaha. Alaa to bad u cant be at the event and I cant be at urs :(. Hope u have a wonderful day that day. Have a good rest tau, kena glowy2 la hari tu :P

  11. ok lalink. FOC. ahaks. as long as me can eat for free..ahahahaahaa

    p/s: nanti me confirm dgn mr.lampard. nak tgk diary dia plak.