Monday, April 12, 2010

Cranky Cotton Candy

Zahra Elena is officially 3 months old last Saturday! She had her second triple antigen jab together with rotavirus vaccination a day before. The vaccine is taken orally and it was her first time tasting another 'taste' aside from the milk. The doctor gave the vaccine via shringe with two small sips. Zahra made faces for the first sip, like she is eating something weird (rugi tak snap pic huhu) and the second sip, she's already full of tears ready to cry that, doctor, nurse, MrComot and me had to pujuk-pujuk her "jangan nanges sayang..sikit je..telan telan cepat"

When at home I didn't give her the paracetamol because she didn't show any sign of fever and be her usual self. But she started to get unexplainable crankiness 48 hours after that. She refuses to sleep, drink and lie down. All she wanted is being carried and me be with her all the time. Coincidently I was on annual leave today so I can entertain her. Whenever she's hungry, she will latch and pull, latch and's more like she's biting off my breast - a show of discomfort. But she'll back normal, smiley and giggling after she poops. Then I feed her while she's ok, she'll fall into sleep, wake up after an hour and back cranky - repeat 3 times for today.

At first I thought because of I the pizza that I had yesterday (maybe because of the extra cheese intolerant) but today my diet is normal and she still being cranky, so it must be something else.

I don't think it's because of the triple antigen as well. My hunch strongly says she's reacting on the rotavirus. I searched online and there are few cases of crankiness and even diarrhoea after taking the vaccine. Different babies act differently though.

I know she'll be okay after a while, but for how long? I'm more worried about tomorrow as she'll be going to babysitter. The thing is, she still has unresolved issue with taking bottle (her babysitter has to pujuk her, like real pujuk and she'll cry before she drinks via bottle) so this just will make thing worse. A cranky baby whom refused to drink directly from her mom, and has to take from bottle pulak. And her mother won't be there to attend her. Lagila mengamuk + sedih budak tu :(

This is her being cranky and sad today :(

How about you mommies? Your kids ada extra reaction after taking that vaccine tak?

And to Zahra, please please drink your milk tomorrow ok. Mommy worried lah.. :(


  1. dear zahra,
    b a good girl ok..
    ur eye lashes sgt pnjang!! cantikk ni..

  2. usually maryam will get cranky for a day or two after vaccination. i guess she's just feeling discomfort = sakit montot la mama..
    and she will expect me to nurse her more often.. nak manje2 gitu..

  3. cranky pun muke dia maintain cumel ok. love u zahra. cepat2 aktif seperti sediakala ye. walaupun muke zahra cranky cumel..tapi kalau muke zahra smiley..laaaagi cumel.

  4. aqil pas cucuk pun cranky skit..walaupn tak tetap cranky..nak kita dok dgn dia n jaga aqil tak amik vaksin rottavirus tu..

  5. Eiman sgt suka makan ubat SEBAB... manisssss...

    perangai pelik mmg ada, sbb virus baru masuk badan so macam ada pertembungan askar local sama askar import... hhahhaha... ambik masa nak bersuai kenal.

    Zahra still tanak terima botol ke? alahai... my prayers goes to her agar Allah mudahkan dia terima botol bila away from you... amin

  6. Deeda,
    Zahra says tenkiuuu auntie! Zahra simpan eyelashes tu utk kelip2 mata mintak toys frm mommy nanti

    I guess so too. Tapi tak demam kan. Yang me tak larat sebab dia mengempeng marah2, asyik tarik boobs je. Nasib baik belum ada gigi.

    Ahaha..Zahra nak senyum macam auntie laaa. Menawannn :)

  7. m@ri@,
    Me rasa macam tu la..budak mmg cranky, tapi me tak sabar huhuhu. Me expect her to be alright :( Rotavirus tu kalau u hantar babysitter no need..tapi ntah kenapa kitaorg amik? Hmm..hentam je la hehe

    Aminnn..tenkiu so much. Now macam dah ok sket, itu pun dia isap hujung2 hehe. Lepas ni me nak bagi dia ubat terus la..doc cakap better, daripada u wait, nanti shoot up lagi susah kan.

  8. oo kalau hantar kat babysitter tak payah ek..kalau nursery je ke kena ambik?nape ek..huhu..sorry atas kejahilan..huhu..

  9. m@ri@,
    Rotavirus ni untuk elak diarrhea yg teruk yg selalu jadi kat toddler kan (yg siap masuk drip air tu), so doc ni cakap normally kalau send kt babysitter percentage nak dpt lagi kurang berbanding nursery. Macam flu and demam, kalau nursery lagi senang dapat kan. Itu pun kalau bbsitter kita pembersih..harap2 begitu lahh, aminnn

  10. Dear Aan,

    My pediatrician always recommends giving the babies a dose of Tylenol (acetaminophen) either right before or right after the jab. It really seems to help.

    Good luck and thank you for the interesting blog :)