Friday, April 2, 2010

My Baby Girl and Me :)

Baru je complaint penat, today is Friday. TGIF! Last night I though it's Thursday. Bestnya weekeenddddd.

Anyway now I remember that after so long I still haven't posted my pic with Zahra. In fact I don't have any proper pic with Zahra! I was too busy snapping her pics instead. And another thing is, we barely have the time to pose for it. Pagi-pagi kelam kabut pegi keja, balik dah malam. But last night my younger bro came to my house and and this morning while watching our kelam-kabutness, he offers to snap my pic with Zahra.

Zahra muka masam sebab baru bangun dah kena paksa tengok camera

Zahra Elena in the car, on my lap, still sembab from her slumber. Look a little bit like baby boy eh?

We tried to put Zahra on the car-seat and she seems ok with it, good girl! But she couldn't last too long in it, max is about 30-45mins I think, then started to get restless. We tried it last week, when we balik to Manjung :)

Zahra Elena being jolly in her car-seat

I plan to bring Zahra out this weekend to the mall (gathering with some Teratorian babes) and it's gonna be her first time in the stroller. Hopefully she'll be fine as well.

Have a great weekend darlings, and kalau terjumpa Zahra, tegur lah yer! Mwahhhhhhh


  1. Comel comel Zahra Elena~

    Zahra sungguh panjang la, she's going to outgrow her mommy soon :p

  2. along..zahra cute mcm auntie pijat kan..ha3. xsbr nk jumpa die..:D

  3. suka tgk gmbr2 zahra tersenyum, super cute =)

  4. maria pun takda proper gamba dgn aqil..last weekend ada pergi kenduri kahwin..terus paksa cik suami amik gamba dgn aqil..hahha..apepun happy weekend aan..;)

  5. Shani,
    I think so too. Jangan lawan mommy sudaahhhh :P

    Sabar sabar tunggu praktikal. Now dah best nak main ngan dia sebab dia dah baik :D

    Ain Alida,
    Hehe babies senyum mmg super cute, rasa geram sangattt

    Kena amik gamba! Nanti dia dah besar rasa rugi je tak amik. Dulu me snap hari2 tapi lately dah byk skip :(