Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad Bad Phlegm

Zahra was having difficulty to sleep due to phlegm in her nose last night. I'm not sure what causing it at first place, but my hunch saying it's because of me! I bathed her with cold water on Saturday morning and then brought her out to The Curve with short sleeve romper. With aircond for the whole day, I think it is a good combo for her to develop the phlegm.

She has been a very good baby though, no crankiness only that she can't sleep! Tutup mata, bunyi breathing berhingus, then terbangun. Tutup mata again, breathing hingus, bangun! She's trying soo hard to sleep but tak puas bernafas. My poor baby...

I tried to suck it out via the nose cleaner but she refuses to sit still everytime the cleaner reaching her, siap berair-air mata! I even suck her nose with my own mouth, but it didn't work.

Then I put her on her chest, rub the back and toinggg, the phlegm came out from her mouth, only she doesn't know how to spit it out hahaha (I find baby's ability is funny and amazing at the same time).

She can sleep after that but still not comfortably as she kept on waking me up asking for latches.

This morning we brought her to the clinic and doc gave Chloramine syrup but doc said Zahra looks ok, no phlegm in the lung. As long as she's active and drinks well, it should be no problem. The medicine is for standby only, if she seems in distress. He also advices me to make sure Zahra doesn't sleep in wet cloth/sweaty chest as the body will react to the dampness and causing the phlegm.

Oh ya, masa jumpa doctor elokkk pulak budak tu. Senyum2 and siap babytalk with the doctor. You don't like medicine and act all tough yer baby? Anyway I still didn't give her that syrup, hopefully she'll be okay tonight.

She's already 6kg at 3months 2weeks and now can hold up her neck but still can't turn her body. Her current hobby is playing with her own saliva and mommy's hair is falling *sigh*

See mulut penuh dengan saliva

Oh ya, Zahra dah sunat! It was a very interesting experience. Gonna write about it later.



  1. Poor lil Zahra. Hopefully she will recover soon.

  2. Salam,

    kalau susah nak nafas lagi..
    on hot shower duduk/berdiri sambil duduk dia dekat air tu. those hot stim akan cairkan kahak dan nanti dia meleleh kluar...

    good luck!

  3. Auntie Ida, tenkiuuuu

    Thanks! Nanti me try malam ni

  4. kasihan Zahra @_@

    Aunty miss you baby~

  5. hihihi..
    nakal betol ur cute baby ni.
    main air liur but belon yaaaa?
    hope zahra cepat2 sehat.Insyaallah..

  6. aqil haritu pun sama..tak reti nak buang kahak..cute plk tgk..hehe..

  7. Sara,
    Tu la..notti kan..main2 bubble macam tu. And orang cakap rambut mommy gugur time ni, mmg gugur banyak hehe

    Haha lawak kan..kitaorg siap bersorak, cepat ludahh cepat..good girl!! Tapi tak ludah2..yg peliknya, kalau makan ubat or me suap air zam zam, pandai pulak 'kehek'..buang biar mengalir..sabar je la