Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi all!

Finally I managed to pass all the invitation (I think! and 90% of them just via FB hihihi, sorry!). Btw, if any of you yang I termiss, just beep me ok. And for my readers, you are invited too! If you leave somewhere near kota damansara and rasa boring malas masak lunch, just come over! Email me at for address ok.

MrComot made this poster (I already erase the address) and it's just too cute not to put here hehehe.

Have a blast weekend everyone!


  1. aan,
    tq for invitation.sorry i x dpt dtg.i ada kenduri kawen kt ijok.
    anyway,selamat berkenduri..
    seronoknye kalau kita dpt jumpa kan?

  2. Aan~ sorry me pun tak dapat datang. Nanti me cuddle Zahra lain kali ye~

    Have a great kenduri!

  3. k.aan dil tak dapat dtg.. sorry
    x berape sehat tu ari.. still dapat asthma even until today
    on medication

  4. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  5. Sara,
    It's ok..maybe next time? Yup it will be a delight if we can meet :D

    Auntie Shani,
    Zahra nak babb!

    How are u now? The office knows about ur condition tak? Hmm nnt kita borak2 ok..dun worry, kita jumpa nanti
    PS: Dah la banyak hutang, keowteow goreng la, Baskin la :P