Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner with Little One

I supposed to start working yesterday (Monday) but Zahra's babysitter requested for a leave today, so I decided to extend my maternity leave 2 more days.

Yesterday was a challenge day because it is my first time I was left alone at home with Zahra, but I think I did a good job as a Domestic Goddes on the run (ha ha ha) as I managed to cook dinner for us! Only I didn't manage to fold the clothes, do the laundry, sweep the floor, etc. Haiyohh..susah rupanya jadi housewife.

Anyway this is my first time cooking after soooo long. I decided to whip out something simple so it can be eaten fresh and hot when MrComot's back. I prepared everything at noon and start cooking once MrComot arrived.

I just pan grill salmon, since it is small pieces, I make it three. With basic marinate but it suits salmon very well, trust me. Salt + pepper + chilli flakes.

Then using the same skillet, fry minced garlic with diced tomatoes. I used 4 cloves garlic and 2 medium ripe tomatoes.

Boil spaghetti ahead, then toss it and then dump into the skillet. Sprinkle some pepper, just for a distinct taste because salmon already has loud flavour. I also add a dash of Maggi chicken granule but you can omit this if you want to be totally healthy, no big difference.

And voila! Our dinner! I wish I can bake some vege but my option for vege still very limited (most of them are 'cold' and I still pantang, like mushroom, brinjal, zucchini)

By the way, this is my first time making salad dressing. I tried the French Dressing (forgot the link but it's pretty simple as I can memorize it)

Original recipe request
Olive oil
Brown sugar
Lemon juice (I replace with apple cider vinegar)
Black pepper
Paprika (replaced with chili flakes - free from Dominos)
Halved garlic
Pinch of salt

Don't have exact measurement, agak-agak je, and surprisingly it is good! I mean, I like this type of dressing. But I bet lemon will make it better than ACV.

Mix everything, shake well and keep refrigerated for a night (I think, dun really remember) but I just made it that noon.

It was a really satisfying dinner, maybe because both of us love salmon but the spaghetti and salad was good as well. Anyway, I planned to have a 'dinner-for-two' where we can eat peacefully and talk, really talk without disturbance. So I feed Zahra in advance, make sure she's full and comfy and on the aircond, put her on the bed and make sure she sleeps before we eat.

And guess what?

The moment we dunk our fork in the spaghetti, she woke up and made noises. So in the end we have to take turn eating while one of us layan her borak. Nottttiiii girl! Tak bagi mummy and daddy dating kejap even in the house.

Oh ya..by the way, when MrComot arrived that evening, I greet him with a kiss at the door and he said;

"Best nyaaa..balik kerja ada wifey sambut macam ni"

And that night we really talk about me being housewife. Main reason is because it's heartbreaking to send Zahra to babysitter because she is a boobies-baby. I tried to give her via bottle before and she can take it, only she will cry and wail macam kena dera! Have to pujuk-pujuk her saying things like 'sayang..sama je..susu mummy jugak..minum la..mummy suap ni' bla bla bla and after a while baru she takes it within sobbing. Mana la tak sedih..

MrComot doesn't mind me being a hw but we have to take things slowly. I have to have my own plan as well, can't simply quit like that. What I'm going to do as extra thing at home, I know I'll barely have time for the extra thing once I become full time housewife because they are so many things I have to do, but that's not the excuse. I still need to nurture my personality and skills. I have so many plans (craft la, baking la, sewing la, PR la) but my biggest weakness is no strong will.

Hmmm..we'll see how la later. But for now Zahra, you go to babysitter first ok sayang? Sorrrryyyyyyy :(

Oklah..gotta go sidai baju pulak. Daaaa!


  1. ann...mesti penat kan???adik aku sampai x sedar dari tido wlaupun anak dia nanges2 kat sblh dia...ehhehe...

    time aku balik kg aku ler tolong angkat and main2 ngan anak dia...hehehe...sian...:)

  2. wow..maria msh belum memasak..hahah..aqil plk takleh kena tinggai srg2 confirm dia bgn/nangis..so mak die ni kenalah layan die..nk mkn sekali mmg jarangla dpt..huhu..skrg memang mkn srg2lah sllnya..take turn mkn..huhu..aqil plk jenis klu tgk org mkn die pn nk mkn sekali..hahah..

    p/s:still belajar utk jadi isteri n ibu yg baik..;)

  3. Mielia,
    A'ah penat jaga baby especially kalau menyusu, mmg flat kekadang huhu

    Sehari tu je la masak, pastu tak larat dahhhh. Tu la..skrg ni everything kena take turn and buat pantas2. Semoga niat dan usaha kita nak jadi isteri dan ibu yg baik berterusan, aminnn