Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Ride

Zahra is already 2months++ but I still 'forbid' her from crowded outing, mainly because I'm afraid she will be cranky and I don't know how to handle her. The only time she went out was to PIL's, clinic for injection and relatives house and it lasted us barely 1 hour plus.

But yesterday we break the record as we need to buy the Coleman for her milk, so we dropped by at Tesco The Curve on the way back right after we picked her from babysitter. I was contemplating to go at first because it was an unplanned outing and we didn't bring the stroller. Carrying her seems like impossible task because dia dah berat okkkk.

And guess what? Tesco has this embedded babyseat on their trolleys! I refused to put Zahra on that thing at first, afraid of the hygiene and it will hurt her (hard seat, not correct posture, etc) but surprisingly it is not that hard and clean (on my naked eyes).

The material is like rubber plastic and I will say comfy enough for infants. So I just wrapped Zahra in hooded blanket and put her inside and thank God she's okay with it.

The moment I put her inside, she sits quietly with that 'hmm this is something new' look

Look at her! I can't refuse to snap this pic at counter. She's doing her babytalk at the moment, telling me stuff in her language.

I find this idea is brilliant! It's perfect for short outing for parents with infant whom very lazy to bring the strollers and it is very convenient too for adhoc shopping. It's like 2-in-1, you don't need extra hand to push another cart. But knowing Malaysian, I hope we don't abuse this facilities by putting poultry or any shopping stuff at the baby's pouch.

And I managed to snap this million dollar look! It's hard to capture her smile because I'm using camera-phone. By the time it 'clicks' no smile already.
Ok..understood, we'll bring you outside again yer sayang? But wait until you 3 months :)

It's so convenient that I guess we'll frequent Tesco than Giant after this, even though it's a bit jauh hehe


  1. Salam,

    kami pun suka ke tesco sbb ada bendalah tu. tapi yg kat tesco shah alam ni nampak berkerak...
    so kami lapik dgn kain then letak Eiman...

  2. comelnya zahra...macam nak picit2 pipi dia..huhuhuhu

  3. blanket tu sama mcm aqil punya..;)
    maria pun suka p tempat yg ada facilities mcm ni..tp kat tesco sini selalu je habis troli ni..huhu..oh tension..last2 mak die kena tolak 2 benda..1 troli 1 stroller..sbb aqil tak mau dok dlm stroller..so ayah die kena dukung..oh menci2..

  4. comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelnye zahra!!

  5. kalau tesco kajang.. jgn hrp la nak letak..
    kalau terpaksa pun, mmg kene lapik dulu la..
    pastu doubt jugak.. kot stable lagi ke tak benda ni.. hehe
    me xde stroller lagi utk maryam.. kalau kuar, dukung dia atau guna pouch sling.. tp slalunya tinggal dia dkt rumah mak jap.. hehe

  6. zahra look soooo happy bole kuar jln2.hehe..
    agaknye dia dok cerita kt mommy kot..dia nk beli apa.hihi

  7. slalu gak letak anak dlm tu masa dia kecik dulu.. tp tak tahannya ada org tak berdisiplin.. anak dah besar panjang / takda anak pon belasah ambik benda tu.. pastu kita yg anak kecik ni takleh pakai.... terkial2 kita tgk dia... huhu

  8. Tatty,
    Tu la Malaysia, me think yg the curve ni pun lama2 berkerak. Tapi ok la kan..senang hehehe

    Nak picit2 nanti kita jumpa2 ok :D

    Nasib baik abah dia yang dukung. Me mmg give up but dukung2 ni hehe

  9. Along,
    Zahra: Tenkiuuuuu auntie!!! :*

    Me teringin pouch sling tu tapi rasa mcm tak mampu je nak carry. Budak kecik ni tak boleh tinggal, susah nak bagi botol :(

    Dia kenyang nampak happy..kalau time dia nak tido, aduhaiii..mmg kena balik rumah cepat2 :P

    Ignorant pun part of Malaysian trait haha