Friday, September 12, 2008

The little little things

Saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi pengalaman saya menaiki rumah baru dengan saudara-saudari.

Ewaaaahhh ok tak intro? Hahaha.

Actually I just wanted to share with you guys sebab before this, I thot preparation to be in new house is easy-peasy. Eventually it is not and they are a lot of things you have to consider especially on money matters.

You really need to know about the electricity running in your house, how much you going to use and where do you need them to be placed. Because you need to set the points right before you do the kitchen or anything else.

Normal fuse can cater up to 13Amps. So your kettle, rice cooker etc etc wont use it all, that's why we can use extension and ON all of them at the same time. I think kettle use less than 1Amps. You can count it yourselves --> Amps = Watts/Volts.

So normal fuse should be enough right?

But NOT for built in oven! One built in oven itself take up 16Amps. So you need to do new fuse that can flow 16Amps or else, the circuit might blow.

What differentiate between 13Amps and 16Amps is just the thickness of the wire. You need an electrician to do this.

This is my kitchen in progress (it will be in white concepppttt - ahh will talk about this later)

So as you can see in the picture, the wire hanging is the 16Amps thick wire for my build in oven. The purple circle shows the switch to control the oven. The wire will direct connect the oven. Other option you can direct plug the oven to new 16Amps switch but I tak buat that one sbb tanak ada gap behind the tall cabinet.

There are 2 techniques to tarik a new switch, one concealed (the electrician will break ur wall a bit, insert the wire and simenkan balik) and another one the normal (like in the green circle).

The concealed type cost more about RM110 and my type cheaper at RM80.

So, decide how many new power point you want and find a realiable one. My electricion is from one of kedai lampu and his work is pretty neat, compared to the previous contractor.

Installing the lights and fans also have side charges. Before this I thot if we buy fans/lights the installation come FOC. There is no such free thing these days I guess.

Installing the fan

We got RM20 per fan and RM8 per light. It is the cheapest already in our area. I heard somewhere can get as low as RM15 (fan) and RM7 (light). Some shops even charge RM30 for fan and RM15 for light. So survey first and pick the best you can get. The fans saja dah cost us 1k++.

And do you know that they will charge more if you already have light as they have to take it down first then installed the new one. Luckily our house has zero lights before, so the installation charges will be clean and very basic.

These little-little things added up together, really can give u headache.

So guys, get ready to be a slave to your own house :D


  1. ada blaja psl benda2 ni masa kemahiran hidup sekolah menengah..heheh, x tak ingat..

  2. atoyaiii..
    sgt rumitt atau mmg kakak aan ini cerewet?? *lariikkk*

    eh..berapa banyak lampu korang guna ini?? psiko ok tgh uols buat2 umah ni. nasib baik my turn thn dpn. *nk kumpul duit..nak kumpul duit* (tgh meratib)

  3. Aleeya, me pun tak ingat haha. Me ingat ERT je..mcm mana nak buat sandwich sardine :P

    Khairiah, bukan cerewet okkk. Mmg penting niiii. Bukan nak duduk sebulan kan. Haha over la you siap meratib2, tapi takpe..kut2 time meratib ada turun duit dari langit kan, me nak sikit :P

    Btw, nak kawen mmg pakai duit, wpun simple2 *nanges*