Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Painting the House

Finally! We berjaya mengecat rumah! After soooo many busy weekend *sigh*.

Well, actually not a house hihihi. We just paint the master bedroom :P

I am all excited. We chose the color together and now we paint together! *cheesy*. We can upah the bangla/indon but somehow, we think it might be fun to do this thing by ourselves. After all, it's going to be our bedroom kan. So, it's like hasil tangan sendiri for the love crib *muntah*

I know everybody knowwwwws how to paint right. But just bear with me ok darlings? ;)

First and foremost, you need to have basic equipments.

Paint of course (we use the 5liters), roller (for faster and smoother coat), thin brush (for touch up), masking tape (IMPORTANT! If you are not a pro like us :P), pan, extension, and papers. Oh ya, you also need stairs.

We bought it at normal hardware store, and kena tipu T_T. Because we were rushing so we thought the price will be more or less, so we didn't make any survey. The masking tape cost us RM3.20 while another shop just RM2.50 (and thicker okkk). The roller is RM18 and MrComot saw one at ACE Ikano for just RM10.

The removable roller.

It is advisable to buy removable one because you can change the outer when it's worn out. And don't buy too wide roller as you need to push harder during painting. Just buy the standard size.

Ok. Next, spend some of your time to tape all the edge else, it will stain! Trust me, it will help you a lot! Unless you are a pro :D

MrComot in action

Then, I arranged some newspaper to cover the floor from any paint drops. If you have plastic wrap (like the one contractor using) will be wayyyy better and easier. Hmm I think for next painting project, I will buy the plastic wrap too.


You need a screwdriver to open the can. There is paint opener, but I don't know how much is it.

Susah okkk nak bukak ni

Then stir a bit the paint to combine any discoloration.

We just use kayu terbuang :D

Stream some paint in another bucket. Add 20% of water. And stir till well-combined. Macam sesi memasak pulak :P

I pour the mixture into paint pan, so that I can press the roller in order to have nice thin paint. If you don't have the pan, you can dunk the roller directly into the bucket but then, you have to ketuk2 the roller real hard. Else, paint will be dripping a lot and it is a waste :P

Pressing the roller

Then the fun starts!

It took us 4 hours to finish a wall! Can you imagine that? It's either we were being too details or we just not good in painting. But I think both will do :P

We use Full Wine (frm Nippon as the feature wall) and Pale Pansy later for other walls. We still need to continue the work this weekend. In another 20% left I think. Then I'll show you the result. Yeayyy can't wait!


Btw, don't you think the color is romantic? :D

Happy painting!


  1. ohhh.. now u make me miss my purple room. bad lalink :P

    i always think purple is such a great color for feature wall. romantic. cool & fun.

    anyway, u guys are soooooo melangkah ke alaf baru kehidupan okkkk *clap2*

  2. Wah sis, way to go,tukang cat yang berjaya. hehe. Macam fun je.

    Yea,nice color. Aritu me tgk casa impian, they sorta used the same color for the feature wall and cam pale pink/purple for the rest. Chantek.

    Have fun with the painting. ;)

  3. kaler apa tu?
    lepas ni jgn lupa tampal abjad dan nombor besar2 yer!..haha

  4. Agree with Bee, so "anjakan paradigma".. ahahah.

    Bradz - lepas kawin kot baru Aan kena tampal ABCs and 123s.. hehehe

  5. cik kak aan..
    wah..bestnya. suke banget colour purple. pastu match dengan soft pink...tantek!! (^.^)/

    u make me teruja utk ajak encik lampard pegi cari umah, cari cat, cari tangga dan mulakan kehidupan kami yang berwarna warni. lalalalaa...

  6. nak tgk hasilnye!
    :) romantik la tu cat rumah sesama..

    tak suka tak suka! hehe (iklan)

  7. Kebetulan la Aan... bilik me pun nak kena cat baru. warna bilik kami too bright.
    k0rang ambik upah sejam berapa Dong?
    :P :P :P

  8. Bee, I know!!! Ur room dulu tantekk okkkk. Maybe u can paint the same for ur future alaf baru kehidupan :P

    DD, is it?? Haha me tak tgk casa impian, but we saw these colors at one home exhibition. So tantekkkkk

    Bradz!! You think it is too tadika ke? :( Because I thot soo at 1st. Hmmmmmmmmmmm tak kisah la tadika pun haha

    Fina, anjakan paradigma la sangat haha. Certain part je. Certain part belum lagi :P

  9. Khairiah, me know u pun tergedik2 now hahaha. Bestkan feeling gedik2 mcm ni :P

    Aleeya, hasil kena tunggu siap. Gila berzaman nak cat haha. You can do this too, tapi abes la baby u main cat nnt :P

    Tatty, kami boleh buat free. TAPI, mau seminggu pun tak siap2 hahahaha