Monday, July 19, 2010

Creamy Avocado!

Last weekend was a very hectic one because we spent the whole Saturday at friend's aqiqah and then Sunday is spring cleaning day. With the gloomy skies and drizzles, not helping with my laundry. The house is really messy with lotsa clothes hanging here and there :(

By the way, I managed to puree avocados for Zahra! Bought the Philips chopper specifically for Zahra's food (I think she has more gadgets than me!) but my mom said it looks like I want it more than Zahra need it. Hahaha I guess it's true. I was pretty excited like kids got candy.

Pic courtesy from here.
Zahra's new gadget! Mak dia yang lebih2 ok :D

Avocados are known for its creamy texture and full of good fats for baby's brain and physical development. In fact, studies recommend to start solid with avocados instead of rice cereal! Anyway my father said there is another local food that resemblance avocados very much but he forgot the name. It's round and have the same creamy texture, used to find in the wild, bear on big tree. If you know the name, tell me k?

Two big fat dark green avocados. It was in lighter green when I bought but turn into this dark emerald green when it's fully ripe, about a week after. It's perfect for baby food when it's firm but yield a bit when you push it gently.

Slice into two and you'll see a beautiful green on the outer side turning into buttery yellow towards the pit.

How to take out the seed. Hit it with sharp knife, then wiggle a bit and voila! I learned this trick from youtube :P

Scoop out everything.

And mash! It's so creamy that you can mash it with a fork! I did with the blender for less than a minute and get this soft consistency and texture.

I store it in babycubes and freeze it. Two big avocados give me about 8 x 1oz which can last Zahra for a week. The one that I bought is in 2oz size. Very convenient and can save a lot of space in your freezer. As for today, I just took out one cube and babysitter will thaw it in warm water before use.

Another point why avocados is best as your baby's first solid because you don't have to cook it! :D

I plan to let Zahra try all the food that she can eat and put this notice at the fridge so that I'll remember.

Thinking of giving her sweet potato or carrots for next week..hmmmm, we'll see how.


  1. pun masih teringin hand blender tuh. anyway, senang kan ada bendalah tu, u can puree everything within seconds and siap!
    anyway sangat gembira tgk u so excited ngn Zahra's food! (more than ur own it seems) :)

  2. Salam,

    me 1st time rasa kado-kado ni, tak suke. so tak terPK nak bagi kat baby.

    me asyik masak bubur-bubur-bubur jer. tambah lobak, potato... then me letak bawang goreng ngan daun sup.. BLEND!

  3. tat day pon, we all are looking for that hand chopper..ekekkee
    hubby i mmg excited nk beli, dier kater nnti nk wat mashed potato , tp utk mak pak nyer la kn :P

    zahra suke x puree tuh?
    buat camtuh jer ek?
    tayah tmbh aper?

  4. looks delicious to me... :)

    Aiya bila buleh beli avocado nih...

    By the way aan, how much for the phillips gadjet tu?thinking of buying one la.I thought nak beli food processor tapi yang ni nampak lebih convinient

  5. hahahah...sokong ur mum. kan makcik kan...mcm si aan ni je yang over excited. ahaks.

    btw, baru lepas minum jus avocado wif creamy chocolate.

  6. aan..nak copy2..lepas ni leh cari avocado..tgk aqil suka ke tak..:)

  7. Bee,
    Yup very easy that thing. Nak buat mince meat pun senang (I know u mesti suka menda2 ni :P). Yeahh more excited with her food than mine because believe it or not, I still have no control with our food ok (dinner at MIL everyday :P)

    Wahh bubur Eiman siap ada bawang goreng daun sup tu. Itu pun me nak try jugak nnt :D. A'ah kado ni kalau makan mcm tu je me tak suka too..rasa plain hehe

    Zahra suka! Tak cukup satu cube tu actually..tapi me top up with rice cereal, tanak la sehari makan avocado je hehe. buat mcm tu je tak tambah air. Tapi babysitter me cakap masa suap dia campur sikit ngan breastmilk. Masa me suap kat rumah tak campur.

  8. Linziana,
    Food processor selalunya besar kan, so nak buat baby food mcm tak sesuai. Tapi my friend ada beli yg kecik Moulinex Trio, ok jugak. This one me bought 195.

    Lalink MrsZach,
    Hahaha jus alpukat! Me likey too.

    Haa tryy jangan tak try. Beli sebijik dulu..kalau aqil tak suka, mak dia boleh buat iceblended letak coklat sauce :P

  9. i ader bace at the internet, we shud give the baby the same food at least 4 days in a row.
    the reason is because to spot any sign of allergy..

    so far, zahra mkn ade apa2 allergy x?
    cam borink je kn, nk bg baby kiter mkn the same food for 4 days :P

    im waiting for ur sweet potato recipe! hihihi..
    i plan nk bg danish sweet potato for his first solid food.
    I kesian la tgk danish, muke sdey jer tgk we oll mkn..he will give me one look that make me feel guilty sbb xkasi die mkn..haha

  10. Hi Dayah,
    A'ah..kalau mat saleh mmg strict follow the 4-days rule. Me takde la ikut sangat but so far dia takde allergy with avocado. Mcm kesian kat dia boring kan..tapi tak ni makan je semua menda :P